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Gab five minutes to actual time on on Youtube as always yesterday's extra time a little feisty being shown a check it out. Steve Nicol forgetting what you said perform eight matches for you on Saturday night. One of the big ones no doubt the inform New England Revolution of course flying under Bruce Arena taking on L. A._F._C. Game at seven thirty eastern M._l._S. salsas in action in an annual match up this time round against Athletico Madrid rain delayed the starts and they should be the best chance of the Game Brilliant Save Nancy Deny Wayne Rooney Rooney shoe whether it's going to be on with the cross SPA doesn't know a group of over two minutes before the praying gets Atlantic. The lanes signing the event in the back of the net. Let's move the ball really well and just getting your N._t.. In behind the defence Friday space by the back of the net Jeff Phoenix is impressed. I fall in preseason. This isn't a bass strike as well but you can't sound off. I'm not close to go. Let Fly Nice Lift Forum Reminder Hosue bets here for me for those a lot of the show and then in the ninety ninety third minute Jao FA fairly fruits Diego Casa. How many times have we be saying that their season cost of burning finish to brew finish boat of course fantastic caustic boy by Zhao Felix and then cost of just using a strength and composure through the goldies next so if finishes so stars zero. Let's go to Madrid three and it's a familiar feel. Isn't it really when you take a look at these Games <hes> they haven't won one since two thousand fifteen and that was against the Spurs Hercules Gomez is joining us irk. You think you didn't really feel feel their first team. We got to a point where we need to discuss whether or not this all star game should happen yeah. I think I think we're there and it's not so much a question Dan of talented but of cohesion and I'm sure are many would agree with me when you have a team that already has a tried and tested tactic. They know each other. You have new guys who are coming into the system and trying to win. A spot against guys who quite frankly are there. Maybe forty eight hours before the game. They're taking it as very easygoing. They know they're gonNA play Pie Twenty to thirty minutes. The main goal is to try put on a little bit of a show but not get injured where the opposition. They're working towards some. This is their preseason game. They're trying to work towards that fitness or I'm trying to work towards that cohesion that strength that nucleus of really getting their their season going and if you those guys like my new Sanchez players draw about Felix who wants to impress. They're trying to earn a spot even an extra. It's much different for the M._l._s. all stars you saw Salat done cheese off the twenty fifth minutes. It's Joseph Martinez never really got going Carlos. Vela hardly touched about the best player on the field in the first half was Wayne Rooney and he was playing in deep line position that we haven't seen him. I'm playing quite some time so it is going to be a bit rupp to watch at times that said I do enjoy the All star game but it needs to change change. I didn't enjoy seeing ATHLETI field their second tier players. You know for for an event of this magic for Melas. I I'd like to see the format change and whether that means east versus West Americans versus foreigners and major league soccer or if that means league resemble S. I'm.

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