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I introduced by I deal, create a district court midland, and basically were like. Republicans showman introduced bills. You know 'cause there were so few of us. So actually, let's go back in history for just a minute here. What happened in Texas that originally gave Republicans this lock on power that you've described today Yeah. So like this isn't unique to Texas, but there was a big shift that happened in politics around that time especially after LBJ's administration, there was like a generational resorting politics and that definitely changed politics in places like Texas and the South and you know Republicans I won the governorship and then you know years after that it was the Senate and then it Wasn't until the early two thousand and two that Republicans to take over the Texas House and have a lock on all three but it just happened over time you know new strategies the Republicans started spending a lot of money and targeting rural parts, the state, and I mean, that's still a big stronghold for them. So it just it happens slowly over time. But. Then in two thousand, eighteen, just two years ago the Beto Rourke the Democrat did a lot better than people thought he would, and that Senate race particularly in a handful of Republican districts Andrew Regan with Texas. House. Democratic campaign told you It's hard to really get your finger on the rapid change that's happening in these districts because it's both younger more diverse. And it's war college educated than the country. As a whole we've seen the college educated voters specifically have been repelled by both trump and the Republican party initially kind of hinted at this already. But was that Senate race two years ago kind of a prelude to what we're talking about now in this election. Totally, and if nothing else it was a trial balloon, it was a way to like for the. Democrats to see where is it that we have voters now in places where Republicans have been winning elections and specifically, there are nine districts that better work one that Republicans won the Statehouse, and these are places where Democrats are kind of bullish. Like there are people willing to vote for a majority of Democrats are willing to vote for a Democrat. They're now Republicans would say this is because of Beto Beto is a unique thing that happened in Texas Politics but Democrats No. This is about changing demographics. This is about something larger than better over Oregon. So that's why that election to. With something really interesting will in fact, here's Republican. Political Consultant Lucia sues talking about just that Republicans are going to hold onto the house because Texans do not want to move our state in the direction of the socialist policies that the Democrat Party has a stab as their platform moving forward. So yes, Texas has been a traditionally red state, but let's just say that Luke Messiahs is wrong in the Democrats do when the house, how does that change politics in the state of Texas? Likely just if Democrats the house, just likely fewer things will happen. You know I guess on the. Negative side of that, there would just be a discussion of things that may be Republicans haven't wanted to talk about before you know Texas is one of the few states in the country that hasn't expanded Medicaid for example, and then of course, the big thing is redistricting because at twenty twenty one is a redistricting year. So Texas has already seen pretty big turnout in early voting already this year before Election Day what does that offer any clues what might happen? No I never you know it is like historically like early voting doesn't tell you much about outcomes. I mean, if you were to just look at early voting. In two, thousand, eighteen, you would have thought that work was going to win but election day votes are so massive that I it just you never know what's going to happen especially during a pandemic but historically speaking like early voting doesn't tell you enough. It does show however that Democrats are energized and mobilized than they've been in a long time and I. Think you could have told people could have told you that before people started heading to the polls for early voting. Well. We're GONNA find out soon. Aren't we? Lopez reporter for K. UT in Austin they you so much. Thank you. Let's go Granville. County. In North Carolina, a swing county in a swing state that could be crucial to the winner of the Presidential Race Granville County outside the city of Durham went for Barack Obama in two thousand twelve and then flipped to president trump for years ago North Carolina public radio's Rusty Jacobs has been to Granville County several times to speak with voters and he has her story. I met Linda smart a couple of weeks ago as she was taking an afternoon walk in. Granville Park with her husband Henry it was just before the first presidential debate smart as sixty-six-year-old registered Republican. Who describes herself as a one time liberal her husband retired from the airforce and she says, she trusts trump to support the military and defend law enforcement and that support has faded even after presidential debate she described.

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