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GONNA sign the hundred million dollar contract just so you guys know. I'm going to look at this when you see CD lamb. I don't disagree. I think he's got what it takes to be a pro bowl. And you knew Wellstone Mike McCarthy to me when you're looking at this kid. When he came out I was thinking. This guy reminds me a Davante Adams because at the top of the route. He's so physical and he's such a competitor for the football and then by the way you can't tackle him his catches amazing. And when you put Gallup and Cooper on the outside who by the way the run bags decent and the office allies these this offense is GonNa be now. What are they gonNA do about pass rush? I'm not sure because I think what they're going to do. In a second round is take a safety but three top safeties in the draft are still available. So I think when you look at Xavier mckinney at Alabama delicate out of Lsu and then Antoine Winfield. Junior three three ball or sitting right there so this might be an unbelievable draft for the cowboys especially if they land one of these guys. It just warms about hard to hear. Y'All talk so well. Labonte Dallas cowboys cancels out here so much so much negativity surrounding by the fact that we got it right would see and we still got that. We identified and his brand that we could be a better team. Dammit if we eight years and I'm GonNa just do this is that's the thing we're just building you up so vacant. Let you don't want you to have a great to feel so good and bubble up a full. Expect this great offense and you guys are going to score tunnel points and still be sitting home with US watching the playoffs in the end. The cowboy's duty. Oh they're fans all the time but for one day or every guy. He was the captain. Notice you yeah. We're at Clark what this man has moment? Let let let Marcus for just a few fellas thank you as always. Lsu Let all schools five first round picks last night and according to Elias. That's tied for the second. Most in the first round of any draft history only the hurricane had more back in four also the first time in the common draft era that quarterback running back and wide receiver were taken from the same school in the first round of the draft and Lsu tied in fat loss who scored two touchdowns in the National Championship. Game could join his teammates as a draft. Pick before this weekend is over. And maybe you've heard about dad. He joins US now. Hall of Famer Randy Moss and Randy will certainly get to that in just a minute. But let's start with last night's number one. I know you got to see a lot of that. Is Joe Borough? What have the bengals found in their new quarterback? Will they had a Guy? Who's ready to take the bull by the horns and just come in ready ready to play. There was a lot of questions concerning Joe Borough throughout the season. Everybody's talking about his offense a weapons. How many guys he had to work with. But when I seeding First hand been out there throwing the ball being able to run a pro style offense how he moves in the pocket being able to keep the chains moving to keep the offense on the field. That's wild thing to Cincinnati. Bengals have found their man. I like all intangible guys and the the one thing that really stands out to me mates every body on the defense of where that he's on the field so he's going to get everybody office involved. And that's what I like him. This young quarterback man. I tell you why Randy this guy. 'cause Randi would tell me about how good this quarterback was and I remember. I can't be that good then. You watch him and it's like oh I never seen they like it. I mean it's well. I never happened in college football every the greatest year of any quarterback in the history of the game. But it's amazing. He can throw on time on time. His poison of pocket like Randy talks about this is unreal and they know sit back and he's so accurate the football this where he reminded me A. Tom Brady many puts that ball. Right under your Chin protects the receiver from collisions. He gives them a chance to run after the catch with it. The guys just amazing. And then by the way that speech if you're if you'RE CINCINNATI BENGAL. They got. They probably sold one hundred thousand. Jerseys Joe Borough on it and if they would have you know why mess that pickup gone with somebody else. Oh my gosh you forget about it but this guy is a perfect quarterback for the Cincinnati bengals. Well let me ask you this randy. Because borough going number one was expected we sort of do that leading up to this thing but then there were the packers trade up to draft a quarterback Jordan love. I think if no matter what you think about the decision it was a surprise What did you think about making the move for love? Instead of adding some help for their current quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Well it was kind of shocking to me as a fan of as an analyst to really see that Aaron Rodgers is still planning a high level and for them to really use their first round. Pick on a quarterback knowing what they have already there so when I look at the the Green Bay packers and bring in a guy like Jordan. Love is weeks. I don't know if we've seen the best of Aaron Rodgers but now that we know that competition is in the building as a football fan as as as a former player. I like what the Green Bay packers has done Like I said. I don't know what how better how much better Air Roger Stink but with them bringing your love into that building. It's going to light a fire up whether Aaron Rodgers. I look for big things coming out a great band at offense. I think I mean that's just human nature and we certainly know. Aaron Rodgers is a competitor. Let me ask you this. There was also the little matter of Henry Rugs. The third he went twelfth. Overall to the raiders. And I know you've had a chance to spend a little time with him so before you before I ask you this. Take a look go into the national football league. Hey soon back up here you WANNA work with the glove. That's cool with me the penalty just devil's island. Just let you know for. Every drop looks fiber starting off your professionals now. This college is over with if it's a weakness of what I see that means over the next week week and a half before you go. Doug need to home in on it before they know what I'm saying. All right so we got randy the hall of Famer Randy Randy the coach Rex. How do you do shoot? No surprise Randy was incredible. But you know it's a little different. This guy's got a little stroke to him. You know what I be because if everybody is seen him a first ballot hall of favor so rainy can go out there and tell them anything lineup backwards. They're going to do it. Fashion and I know ready. He could do it all. There's no question Randi you know it'd be a little different. They saw my tape. Nobody would listen to me. I thought he did a great job. And you just see those kids right there how they respond to metal bed. Yeah Randy could do anything no surprise but you know what he enjoys fishing too much for all the coaches out there. Don't worry he's not. He's not talking to me. What what does the raiders get in rugs? You see their reacting last night. They were thrilled with the pick. So who are they getting? Well think they're really getting a home redetermined very explosive and talented wide receiver. You know I think that this year's wide receiver class of for this year's draft is very very deep. I mean you're going to get steals. Lateness drap but when you look at the first receiver taking off off the board from Alabama when you look at the talented. They had on their roster. Rubs is one of the Oakland Raiders. Something that home run threat of what he's able to bring to this. Oakland offense with car at the quarterback just been able to get the ball in his hands. It's just to see what he did for Alabama Crimson tide. He was able to stretch the field. But I think that rubs most effective within the five to ten yard range where you can get the ball in his hands and make all eleven guys. Try to tackle this young man randy one more joked about the number of hats you wear but this week not a coach or an analyst but also a father I see. Wait for your son. Fads name to be call one. Has it been like for you? Not as a player this time but as the dad record wracking for me Wendy just being able to think back a million years ago back when I was going through this process and how emotional I was in the Roller Coaster. Takes you up and down throughout the whole weekend and as you can see the pictures of me and my my son just being a proud dad to see him reach ago of being able to play in the National Championship. Me Been able to play in the League announced. I got a a second-generation hopefully to be introduced into the National Football League so I think I'm about as nervous and jittery as he is but like I said God is going to just keep our faith in God and to see what he adds a store force I rack. Randy will be watching a best of luck to you and also to. Thad he gives something and you get something right so we obviously gave up a lot. We weren't in Las Vegas. We understand that but nevertheless the draft went on and what we did guess guys is to be inside some of these houses. You know with coaches and GM's we got to see families. We got to see people together. I mean a lot of it was cool so we're not going to do it best because everybody had on like casualwear but we are going to talk about where they were. Marcus what what did you see that she thought was interesting. First of all Jerry Jones only yacht was the biggest flakes. I've ever seen in my entire life out. Grab a drop in the ocean. And I'm corn taste better than anybody could ever corn team in the history of quarantine peasants do what? I won't draft from the ozone. Oh and then there was this well for me. It was Mike. Ray was the first thing that comes to mind. Do head somebody in a Fr- ozone suit and if anybody has ever you lose. And then his other homeboy a blonde mullet. I'm talking about like straight awful tiger king. This is what you want out of your bag. Your when you a grime me linebacker. And then he had to do they say he was on a stool but just for background purposes. We're going to continue to think where we thought last night might ray water winner. Bane bested Marquess B. Ability is the guy has a billion dollars and byles a ball bowl and drives it around with every day all the money that he's ever may from every paycheck he's gotten to the NFL. That's what this room says. The second thing is room says eaters. I don't try.

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