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Design podcast show. And today, I'm sitting with an old friend of critical benches. That's Mr. Chandler March. Mun Chandler is a a just an absolute beast when it comes to training. He is an expert in all all strength modalities. Goodness. I mean, and you've been on YouTube and on Instagram and making products, and you know, that are fitness and strength based for how many years now think since two thousand twelve been exclusively online and before that I had the gym and Tampa so two thousand nine is the start of YouTube. So welcome welcome old friend because we have we have some some great old. I mean bench for reps. Right. We got some old YouTube videos and either. One. That's more current. That's almost getting up near a million views now that bench press one. That was that was when I was an Indianapolis. Yeah. Yeah. You were like that was several years. Braving the cold. Yeah. Yeah. Those are good one. Yeah. That came out. Really good. Yeah. When it comes to bench press when it comes to just a -taining strength from head to toe, kennel, bell, whatever it is. And we're gonna be diving into kettlebells stuff today. Chandler is fantastic. But I want them I want to listeners to know a little bit more about you, like, we know about you so share with the audience, you know, your roots your background in in strength training. And and then we can kind of get rolling with some this. Awesome. Cannibal? Absolutely. So to take kind of a linear look at at my natural progressions over time from the time. I you know, I started trading to today. I think I got my. My start much the same way. A lot of guys. Do I was fourteen playing sports trying to get better that and using fitness as now with for ch- the same time. I started to appreciate the whale. Look the looked after training. So naturally, you get that confidence you build not just from improving sports, but more so at that age, honestly, you like the way girls respond to so I can eighty twenty eighty exactly your sports yet in all reality. And you know on the on the beach and at the pool he started dig the way, you're getting more attention. That's it that self confidence in the change happened so fast when you're fourteen fifteen sixteen years old your body is just like your bubble Goma testosterone. That's what you're made of. It's true, man. And you're just blowing that bone up. That's pretty awesome. Great. That's a great analogy. So. I was just kind of going at the what I told myself was was more athletic sports performance training from probably fourteen eighteen but in all reality. It was just following the the age-old Arnold encyclopedia doing the bodybuilding stuff. Just hard heavy training with barbells dumbbells and bodyweight. And at that age you get away with a lot. But the biggest thing is just the excitement at that. Age of how quickly you respond to whatever stimulus. You're you're using inside the gin..

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