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This keegan michael key and welcome to drafted this. Podcast series follows to college basketball phoenix the explosive anthony edwards who start at the university of georgia superstar off growth and the university of kentucky's tyrus maxi arguably the most energetic hardest working player in the draft as draft my. I'm going to get drafted tonight. We still moving couches. This is their real life as it unfolds in real time and we're going even further behind the scenes with unprecedented access to their agents klutch sports group founder and ceo rich. Paul had been drafted and their head of basketball omar wilkes. This is a draft. Unlike any before it's all a game of chess. Listen and follow on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts. Where did we come from. Why are we here is the meaning to life. While those questions are all cool we will not be answering those questions on our podcast instead on al show. Prompt us where answering your questions. More specifically were responding to questions that you are asking about personal spiritual and professional growth and not to brag but our moms think. It's the best podcast ever so listen to prompt us every monday. On the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts. Where other bands stops short mercedes benz vans go far beyond from their customization options. Cutting edge check to their five star sales service and financial support crew mercedes. Benz vans builds equipped and engineer to be ready for anything. Go the extra mile taking the all important. First step into an authorized dealership today. We have heard from russell wilson. He is gone biblical. I'll have that for you coming up here in a moment. we'll get to your phone calls as well. We bring in doug. Gottlieb hosted the doug gottlieb show on fox sports radio fox. Sports college basketball analyst. Doug joining us from indianapolis as he's doing the big ten tournament on Campus radio recapping. What we just heard duke game against four state is not going to be played because somebody on the staff team has tested positive for covid. We don't know that but it feels like season is probably over. I'm wondering about the rest of the. Acc tournament here. Doug what what's going to happen here. I don't know. I mean you have to have contingency plans because you know you have contact tracing and then what happens with anyone else who came in contact with but what would you ask the question or they done done. I was just texting with jeff and the logic is again not contact tracing. Its somebody has positive test right. So that means there's the there's a there's a quarantining. And i'm andy where they moved all the big ten teams here and then the big ten teams that advanced determine are going to stay here for up to a month and of course they have the extra the tournament's going to start a day later you know again so that there's a little extra core in it's it becomes a bubble but i mean this is. This is part of the issue. I guess my question is this. I understand that for responders and senior citizens Need to get the vaccine. Why are we not back stating which somebody explained that Adams overcame out. So we're not gonna make our players get back stated i've talked. Nba coaches nba players. They are generally getting vaccinated. You know without without broadcasting. It just don't understand why we're going. We should go to all these leaks but if he hears something that people don't know so i i did the so con- conference two days ago three days ago and then the cia. The team that loses still has the test for five days season normally done like mercer mercer lost at unc. Greensboro testified days because if greensboro has positive tests greens. greens doesn't go mercer. Does go if they don't have uh uh tests it's it's it's just a wacky year. I was on the one year anniversary of sports down and here do is the biggest program in college basketball. Losing any chance of postseason because one positive did they need that win over florida state to get into the tournament. Yes yes. I mean look louisville helped but they had an initial bump their late in the season but it just it wasn't enough you know they're just they had sustained too many losses and people have to understand that the acc is really down this year. And i'm like look. It's really hard to tell a lot of things like louisville for example. They played wisconsin this year. With i think six or seven guys. But they didn't have four stars so they lost by fifty two wisconsin. This is around christmas time. It's hard to tell sometimes results who actually is good and then some of these teams have come out of two three weeks core team and they play a game and they're not really representative of. That's why i wanted to get. I wanted to come on and say a couple teams out there like oregon people should bet because they're gonna be massively under seated because all the litany of things that went on in their season but this obviously trump set how did do get here in. The first place dog feels like they had a top five recruiting class. Don't they have a top five recruiting class every year. Well you have to understand. It's it's different as a couple of things that went against. Okay i have you know the top three freshmen in the country right. sucks goes to jail. Suds goes to gonzaga. And then kate cunningham. Instead of going to north carolina or kentucky. He goes to oklahoma state. And then you at usc. Has evan mobile his dad's on staff and he goes to usc. So you cut out three of the top five top ten then you have three or four more who were going to college or maybe what. Jalen green for example and they go to the g. league night. So you basically cut out the top ten from kentucky and do then you factor in you know you lose your point guard You know you you lose your they. They're not taking the the depth of transfers and other people are taking And the just you. You don't replace. It's really hard when you can't replace stars with other stars and now the sudden your same places everybody else. And then you throw in the corner teeny and some of the stuff. And they're not alone. This is kentucky same thing. They made some made some bad choices in terms of who they've taken. But i think this is a big story in college basketball in the blue bloods normally feast on those top. Ten top fifteen guys now. They're recruiting fifteen to twenty five fifteen to fifty and those are good players but they're not the type impact players who come you know. They're not zion williams kate cunningham that jalen green not kids. I can just carry you to an ncaa tournament. They don't have those guys. And that's that's why kentucky's down that's like cancels down. That's why do is down. It's because the players were anything else. These teams that won't make being tournament. Can you see them going through the on it. I mean i would mean more basketball right like all these guys say like you know you go you g page. And their ball is life guys out all wanted to his hoop but the reality is probably not number last time kentucky you into the. It was a abject disaster you. It's like when an sec school gets left out of the college football playoff matches no shona bowl game in some guys opt out. I guess now against and people don't know it's at north. Texas super pit can have sixteen teams in a bubble. It actually pretty.

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