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Their existing infections. Don't buy into the hype. A lot of people have it and they're going to be okay. This is the kid cold. Check off. They folks we are all created to fill unique role that means that you are needed and it means that you must do it. I know they're trying to land. That dream. Job is not easy because I've been there. It's intimidating it's scary. There's a Lotta doubt but I can tell you it was worth because there's nothing like the joy that comes from doing work that you know you were put on this earth to do so if you're ready to get there too. I WanNa go to Ken. Coleman Dot com there. You'RE GONNA find three free resources all designed to give you confidence and make your job. Search very effective. The get hired guides include the resume guide the interview Guide and the interview. Follow up guide. The resume guides can help you. Fix Your resume flip. It looked like nobody else's resume. And that's GonNa help you get noticed and land the interview. The interview guide walks you through the five strategies that help you stand out in the process and finally the interview followed guide. Gives you a timeline and exactly what to do to follow up to continue to stand out post interview you can get all three guides free at Ken. Coleman dot com go to Ken Coleman Dot Com and get hired bringing the purpose and hope to talk radio. This is the Ken Coleman show. Throw the happy with us. You know. It's been exciting over the last week week and a half people are still calling in.

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