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If you want to be taken seriously take it, but they want a neutral site gain, they want this. They want that. How about take the games now before McKenzie Milton leaves and your UCF again, and you don't get this offer. So you think they're going to be UCF again because I would argue that their recruits over the last two years are about to get a hell of a lot better because that program has been talked about in the way like they're going to get a higher class of recruit just like their coach got taken away and went to Nebraska, they're going to get a higher class of recruit. Because this man these are hard to come by these strings where the nation pays attention to a nobody school like it's only because they're not testing themselves against the people like that that will get them expose that they're going to get their recruits. So that can be the team. If like, I'm not sure this is going to go. I'm not sure this is going to go away. Given the you've seen throughout the state. We got the great recruiters. Right. We got the great. I don't know. How good Josh hypol- is it recruiting or not. I know that no one's changed more as an athlete from player to coach then in appearance than that guy. He he Josh hypol- does not look like a Heisman candidate now. But look at who he's recruiting against these are supposed to be monsters, Charlie strong, March David Mark richt, put lay lane kiffin, he's recruiting against this state and Florida that's got a whole ton of good recruiters. But UCF is giving UCF to me if I'm a recruit right now. And you're showing me the state of Florida. I've got a choice of going to school at the state of Florida. Who's had a better run the last two years in terms of getting your attention than UCF state of Florida was terrible this year terrible. They said they'd be open to having a similar arrangement that they have with USF. I mean, excuse me, you see Heff university of Florida's not USF. There's a lot of us on a letters. I hope I don't get confused after right? There's a lot of apps, but the Gators wanna play just take it whatever they're offering take it. Otherwise, I'm with Billy. They really don't wanna play these teams. That's the thing. So you're now in this position. You're getting these good recruits because you're not getting exposed. But if you play the good teams, you get exposed maybe they go to other schools. So do you wanna be undefeated or do you wanna be a good team because you can be undefeated playing schedule you want which is what they're doing? Well, is it didn't lane kiffin lane. Kevin they played at Oklahoma this year. Right. They went to Oklahoma. You have to do some eating of bleep if you want to be one of these programs that climbs and Florida's behaving like they're already there, and San okay, you want this. We're not coming to you like you you got to Florida. I know I'm saying the universe. You write university of Florida where like, no, we're not coming to you. You wanna come to us for an SEC team brand where power but central Florida's doing the same thing that clemency? You say game a home Florida's earned the right to do that. And they're the one carrying all the riskier, Mike. I mean, they beat them. They're supposed to beat them. They lose and forget it Florida season's done Florida's also offering to go to them just not as much as they want them to come to them and not an even split. These things are getting negotiated and he wants an arrangement like they have with USF. That's USF you play home at home. Now. You know, what you are? Correct. But I ask you guys this. Okay. And I ask you to look at this through the face mask of UCS if UCF if you have spent the last two seasons being a second class citizen who can't get near anywhere near the final games with your credentials with your resume with your schedule. You can't get anywhere near it..

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