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But I. Think I'm over the moon with Roy Jones vs Tyson I know. It might not be a competitive one. To have to legends in ring at the same time I'm excited to talk about this and watch it the fact that. J. Paul is going to be on undercard embodied. Jack is the most. Out of this boxing world thing we've ever seen because first of all. It's an exhibition. Secondly you can have a real boxer on who's like really still active, and then a youtube boxer, and then a legendary exhibition. So that's just amazing. We could have just done show just on that, but obviously we gotta discuss. Virgil, Ortiz who's going to be? Taken on Samuel Vargas. On Zone so if you don't have disowned, get it back because they're back with some good boxing. This is one good boxing card of many to come. Obviously, we also have daily not as versus Fortuna. Show so you don't have his own used Lincoln to description and everyone of our videos. We got linked to get disown, and it doesn't cost you anything extra, but you favorite podcast gets a little kickback. Then we gotta be talking about God lead our in fact that it looks like more more callum. Smith could be the runner. Up or in the runnings for that can nullify, but there's a twist now. Tyson Roy Jones junior have stolen the Cannella Day. Really so there's a lot to talk about. I mean this is just really crazy. Does Cannella now have to get a real opponent? Can he still do Cannella versus Callum knowing that? Tyson and royal out there willing to still all at pay per view money, which the translates a zone money to right. They need those subscriptions. Then we have last, but not least we will be discussing Joel. Joyce's. Kind of tune up. Don't really WANNA call it that no disrespect to my manque Helen from Russia I believe in Germany while House well-shadowed Mideast UK. He'll know how to pronounce it when we get to him. And then you do blah taking on you know the Blue Pill Pfizer right so. He's dealt with the. Company that's the name of his opponent, but look it's all good. We're here to talk boxing number to call in one four to five, five, six, nine, fifty to forty one press one one time voice your opinion right here on the voice of the people who don't forget. You can also add Nestor Gibbs on skype to be part of the conversation from anywhere in the world, so yeah man, let's get this thing. Started and head on out to some of these co hosts talk some boxing. Who am I go to I any money. addio shortage. As Morio, keeping a short sweet letting, everybody know that it feels good to have a Thursday preview show like it feels like boxing's back for the last eight years Thursday I'm off and on. I'll say that, but definitely Thursdays preview shows and It's starting to feel like more boxes back, so let's chop it up. WHAT UP FELLOUS! The unified heavyweight show. You. Believing because. sit-on-the. Terrible. Terrible making straight. You would up on that guy that voice from across the point, I'm happy to be with you guys tbb family and is good to have like Mario said like no more Thursdays show. Man. Tyson Mike Tyson. Mad Roy. Jones and I've got plenty to say about it. I'm looking forward to that side to that topic to be honest and likeness said we also got Jojoy in action. Tomorrow is in. German do that cheese or Michael What this or vanish. so yeah that semen. Do me or would you moment?.

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