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Or their fans, you know. They are making mistakes all over the field. I mean, when Dell small would would have a drop, you know, lane Johnson gets beat inside. It leads to a defensive, tuck touchdown for bell. Joseph and really the eagles defense couldn't really slow down the Vikings. The Vikings had to settle for a bunch of field goals and Dan Bailey. Speaking of kicker importance, Dan Bailey missed a couple of field goals and other day where we're huge kick, you're kicking importance. So that's the deal. I mean, I was so impressed by the way as well. Oh, he had the Ajayi fumble was just brutal. That's the thing too for the eagles is everybody always wants to point to one guy and make that one guy sort of the the scapegoat, but that's just not. That's just not realistic. It's different guys. I'd suggest I fumble. It's small would drop its. Wins holding onto the ball, and there was some good things when he held on the ball and some bad things. It's a terrible roughing. The passer penalty on like, oh, Bennett really disgraceful call by Walt Coleman. Second week in a row walk. Kalman's been terrible, and it is something about that. He and his crew been terrible, two weeks in a row that's not acceptable. Last thing I'd say is in the game, Doug Peterson chose to punt to taking a fifty eight yard field goal. And conversely, Dan Bailey for the Vikings crushed his fifty two yarder. And that ended up really being the difference in the game. A one more I think I said this, but Kirk cousins is really good. I mean, like people hold, these guys is such a high standard and they, they want these guys to all be Brady Rogers or Mahomes, or whatever. Kirk cousins is he made again, some reduc Yetlis throws under duress. Very impressive. Tease Arizona Cardinals get their first win of the season. Twenty eight eighteen win over the forty Niners. Yeah, no, not a ton of takeaway from this game. Other than I liked it, the the cardinals went deep on the first play. You know, I liked that Rosen into Christian Kirk connection that looks like it could be good for years to come for the Niners will hear what Dr Chow has to say about Matt Brita, but there's just a really beat up football team CJ Beathard turn it over way too much. And that just makes it really, really tough for them to win when you do that..

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