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Oh man. I use that line very frequently in life now But i love this about you. And i can't wait to keep hearing more so many other people though have tried to be norma desmond in the foremost parodies always that we love the one. The only one that has played her at least three times in different sketches. I saw and didn't know skits i did watch one of them. She calls herself nora desmond. Not yet but every other details almost the same. Yes max is. They're acting as crazy in protective as always at the first one. They go to a restaurant and she is just begging max to keep the fans away from her. There's there's no one paying any attention to her another one there at a roast and they're going to roast nor desmond and you can guess how well that goes. Let's just say most people end up dead. Thank you max. But in the end you know. Max has a little a little change of heart. When he's given the mike i have. Nonni grits filmstar northeast month for fifty years. I have directed her in twelve classic motion pictures. The world will never see another mike on the of incredible theatrical talent but she is matched as a human being. She is dedicated. She is involved. fees committed. Should be appreciate how this lady's just contributed immensely for business. Here's made hollywood today slum. Although famous for her dramatic roles north desma so has tremendous flair for comedy. Yes she has a lot of funny lines. Unfortunately they're all on. Her face has always been a soft spot in my heart for you. I think it's gas depending berlin to world on halloween. I send out as role so then in the final one. Max does kill someone for for her with a gun so that you know sticks with the movie but there's so many lines that are similar so you cannot they'll be in our tumblers gotta go watch them or just look them up on youtube. Carol burnett to follow up the one where he kills. Someone is the one where they're trying to rape her eulogy right. That's the one. I watched with trying to write her eulogy and ends up with them killing somebody else to write their eulogy make sense but there was also a recent. Snl sketch from two thousand thirteen. Jon hamm is in here and basically. She is just constantly ready for her close up at the door. I hope it's not a pirate in speaking baseman from the sunset boulevard. Miss gloria swanson from lalita. Mr james mason pokes i'm pie I don't really see a lot of evidence for as dressing maragos agreed you would wear costume. I'm a pie to tell about the actor. That's what i do. When i say i'm up high read by a which i mean christian wag great person for that. And she's got the hands the crazy ganders always and bonus. Jon hamm is actually doing a pretty great james mason impression among you might remember. James mason. plays judy garland's husband in a star is born malaysian interesting. While another nothing to note though is that she's introducing gloria swanson from sunset boulevard. But she's supposed to be the actress herself so but she's plane crazy and lord wants to set herself that people thought she was crazy after playing this role so yeah but also it's way funnier person would be crazy that crazy. Yeah but i mean. They also could've introduced her as norma desmond today. I guess that's true. Well in carol. Burnett gloria swanson and kristen. Wake or not the only people to play. Norma desmond did you know this. Oh in nineteen ninety three andrew lloyd. Webber made a version of sunset boulevard for the stage. It's a musical and it started with patti lupone. And then in nineteen eighty four. It came to broadway with glenn close and she has now played the role twice. She won a tony award for it. In nineteen ninety five g reprise role in twenty seventeen for a revival of the play. And they're about to make a movie of it all my goodness. I have heard none of this. Yeah so basically. We all know glenn close. Big deal was nominated for an oscar this year. Everybody kinda thought she was gonna finally win. She didn't so now. of course. there's lots of talkies. this is going to be the one. She's won a tony romo. She finally win an oscar for this in the play of course one tenth of oscars and the person that is going to be directing. It has won tonys for best choreography and basically this is going to be deal. I'm so excited to see this as a musical. Yeah i know my gosh and need to look up the music now in glenn close. I mean it's going to be great. Awesome ooh this is exciting so under the come out it is going to begin filming this fall so i suspect it will be a late. Twenty twenty release maybe early. Twenty twenty one. That's just my vast gas but if they're going to do the award season run probably later in the year. Never it is nice. That's exciting musicals man. They're the best. This'll be a good musical. I mean clearly already is because it. But i'll i'll be able to experience. Yes i agree. So should we talk about how this reference fits into the world of gilmore girls. No i'd rather talk about more parodies of people play norma desmond what like who like me. Just kidding. tug girls will should we mentioned this is not the only episode that mentions sunset boulevard. What they don't mention this amazing movie just the one time. No in fact it's four times..

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