Craig David, Jackson, Jammeh discussed on The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X Podcast - Podcast 88: Alice Cooper, Eddie Izzard and the return of our beloved Andi Peters


And you go yeah and ed jam arab connie kenny connie kenny kenny kenny chamma county an inch this a joke at introduced him and she was just wasn't anti is ask atal already like she could care less really yet it's just rubbish so they come out craig david and then the jackson's got started she has to introduce them as like why can't you to sound a bit excited love why k to sound like oh my god this is dry but so they craig's christ in a second alphabet does that an so here we go jammeh you're on love it shocked at how she does it signals she just kinda looks away for the cameras just wild shaggy cerdan's mad you're going to hear the jackson's yeah are now you said what was your view map they will arrive at vocals quinta yeah there are a bit quiet it's been acquire ri by the way they all do the moves as well i about lobbies legend bans as that that short musicians in the band us so ty how could this is south everybody's excited come on time let's go one one two now right now is that just may he's not singing words there in other berrell all the people do well yeah whatever i these forgotten allies you're just making noises up.

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