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Then this the Robin I'm the Dunnock and the goldfine honesty. It's like choosing your favorite child. You Call. They've got their own qualities but the black bird to me. I guess is the Quintessential Sat. Summer afternoon southbound. All the singing in the middle of the night sound depending on what's going on But Yeah I think the BLACKBIRD is the most flutie makes me think of English Country Garden so I think yeah all lovely so my My parents have. They live in a very well. They live just just opposite a park. Which is a big old big pook Leaky Hills And it's I don't know what the task vacation is. But it's you know it's a great big swath of of land say park don't mean you know like with with a couple of swings. Yeah and they get a lot of wildlife that and they've named there does a couple of Robbins that come and sit and eat from their bird feed isn't they've given them names. I think he television Priscilla itself. Something that the people do now. I will point out that there's a wide range of bird watchers. There will be very serious. Scientific Bird watchers and there will be very very casual watchers. And it's very hard not too big word here anthropomorphized But you know. It's very hard not give them human characteristics. Bird's not the bird watchers. Well yes very humid for six. No it's very hard. You know you have these animal like when you got. Your dog has got characteristics. Part the family. Your cat has got their own characteristics. But yeah when you when you're having coming to your failures and you're you're observing them watching them seeing how they interact. It's natural to want to specify particular ones and yeah absolutely give them names. We've done that in the past as well. You know. If there's a feather out of place then that will be the identifying feature or whatever but yeah there's no right or wrong. There are some people that might be snooty about it but you know what as long as you get enjoyment out of seeing the birds. That's the important thing too right so to.

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