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City kills a member. Kwami Kenyatta his died. He was sixty three years old Kenya was longtime public servant with more than fifteen years in three different elected offices. He served on Kelso for nearly eight years was on the wing county commission and a member of the Detroit school board. One of his former city council colleagues is the current president of the heat and warmth, fund, santio Jenkins. Always fighting to make sure that when people came to Detroit for development to build things to start businesses that they were, including Detroiters, you know, he was very passionate about making sure the people who've been here, and who had stuck it out through the heart on making sure that they were able to be included the family plans, hold up private family service in Alabama public memorial will be held in Detroit in a future date. It's a story you heard I w w j in its official John Howard, the new head basketball, coach of the Michigan wolverines and how are people reacting thumbs up thumbs down, what he with more. Here's Tony Ortiz. We're giving both Roberta is the hiring was announced last night. As officials of Michigan confirmed a release Howard gets a five year, ten million dollar deal to become the next head coach of the wolverines. He replaces John beeline who left the Michigan program last week to become the head coach of the NBA's Cleveland Cavaliers, now while many. Are cautiously optimistic that the hiring of Howard is a good one. His former fab five teammate, Chris Webber tells direct TV's rich Eisen show that Howard just based on his MBA spirits alone as a head coach or as an assistant coach is the right fit for the wolverine. He's been under one of the best basketball minds ever over the last ten years in that man's name is Pat Riley. He's worked with some of the best players. He's won a championship and he's played with the best. The best players, such as LeBron D Wade, and others respect. The hiring of the Forty-six year old Howard means Michigan is the only current division, one school to have alums coaching both. It's basketball and football programs live at the sports desk. Tony Ortiz w w j NewsRadio nine fifty who doesn't like the higher over several people out there who think that this is the wrong higher because number one he has no head coaching experience Roberta. And number two that this hiring was done to placate Michigan fans who might be upset. The John beeline had left to go to the Cleveland Cavaliers so yeah. There are definitely some people who believe that this is the wrong choice for Michigan. But there are. Are more at this point. Who believe that Howard is the right choice to lead the Michigan program. All right. Tony. Thank you. The Senate Michigan has added nearly twenty thousand residents in the past year numbers released this morning by the census bureau show, Detroit is still losing population expecting this year. That would be the gross in the city of Detroit for the first time since nineteen fifty but alas, Detroit is seen to just a little less than two thousand people. That's Kurt Metzger with data driven Detroit, Oakland, Wayne County east lost about three thousand well McComb county saw a population increase of three thousand overall Michigan has roughly nine point nine million residents J news time, five time for traffic and weather together on the eight it's Friday eve from the idol Dom motor group traffic center and brought to you this hour by Audi of Rochester hills morning, Dennis brand new day. How's it shaping up? I wonder if folks, be maybe escaping on this this day. A little bit early. Maybe a day earlier than expected to make to make even a longer weekends. So keep an eye on traffic volumes. But right now so far so good as he low like a little miss to the air, maybe some fog and some low lying areas. So be careful but right now so far so good. International crossings, look, okay, busy for commercial vehicles is usually the case drive to the airport. Looks good all the roads around their ice to seventy five and ninety four. Look good, as well as report sponsored by Buffalo Wild Wings wings quit eating your burgers off a coffee table. If you want to eat a burger put it on a bar fresh.

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