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Five forty six afternoon drive we didn't touch them this the other day we haven't had much of a chance to but the whole odell thing with the giants right now once brandin cooks got traded to the rams take a listen to this this is mike shula the joints coordinators were talking the other day during the off season workouts whatever they are and here's mike shula talking about odell and the giants offense he's obviously a vital part of our offense when you have guys that can can make plays and put points on the board you wanna try to feature them as much as you can but you also have to realize that you know you've got other other components besides the other components part there in one like i wasn't the only comment there are going to be a lot of comments like that trying to make it up to del now based off of what happened last week now that he's not going to the rams and there's two questions for me off this number one odell thoroughly bummed out that he didn't get traded to the rams there's a strong yes possibility that's the case and i think he's going to be in morning here for a little while money will change that secondly that's the only thing that the second question is is it fixable and yes money can fix it yeah money can 'fess it but the way that the mike show and i would expect them to do this this isn't a knock but they were backtracking so hard i think that the earth's rotation records like superman running the roadway god being what before it was owed elza part of our team for now yeah then after brandin cooks get straight to the rams well now it's like well he's the centerpiece of our offense how could we ever do anything feature just what ten years ago when they're at the owners speeding's they would not commit to him being on the team in twenty eight t land in which we can't live without my lord and you know what it's like almost like he a.

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