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David Castile Sunday Night at club escape Castile gave stamps a ride home and went up to his apartment Court records show later that night a neighbor saw blood in a hallway and called police Once on scene they found stamps covered in blood outside near a dumpster He initially told officers he fell down the stairs and landed in a pool of blood but then later admitted he hit the victim numerous times with a hammer while inside his bedroom claiming self defense Decided there was more than enough evidence to bring about murder charges despite that self defense claim Amazon's ending its ban on an employee cell phones in its warehouses pressure on the company increased after 6 workers died when part of its warehouse in down state edwardsville collapsed during a storm last December Employees said they were cut off from weather warnings their phones could have provided Chicago tortilla maker el milagro is accused of flagrant violations of state labor laws according to the tribune the Illinois Department of Labor alleges the company denied proper meal breaks to workers The report cites more than a hundred violations in 7 months resulting in more than $11,000 in fines El milagro is disputing the allegations The American society of civil engineers here in Illinois is out with its infrastructure report card for the state And once again it's a C minus The group looks at the condition of performance of infrastructure as well as needed investments for improvement The society says there have been improvements in roads and bridges but the state continues to have one of the largest shirts shares of lead service in water pipelines in the nation civil engineer Patrick Locke In drinking water we highlight the lead problem the lead service line problem that is a major safety issue that we are concerned about with our citizens who have lead service lines The civil engineers gave the state a C minus grade not just this year like four years ago but even four years earlier in 2014 WGN sports Josh Friedman the White Sox lose their third series in a row falling 5 two to the royals They welcome Joe Maddon and the angels to guaranteed right for a four game set The cubs dropped their rubber match with the defending champion braised 5 to one Now head to Milwaukee for a weekend series The bears did not have a pick in the first round of the NFL Draft They have two in round two picks 39 and 48 overall for new GM Ryan poles The Blackhawks hire cubs assistant GM Jeff Greenberg as their associate general manager and the sky will host the WNBA All-Star Game July 10th Josh Friedman WGN sports The forecast from the WGA Chicago weather center today cloudy and breezy showers later tonight a high of 65 cooler lakeside a rainy Saturday and windy storms could turn severe Saturday night I have 70° The Sunday is the better weekend day partly sunny windy maybe an isolated shower I have 63 and the next storm sweep through the area Monday night and next Thursday night Right now it is cloudy and 47 Ed O'Hare warmer 52 at midway I'm James Sears.

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