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I think that you can say, oh all that person. Does and is is blocked. All that person. Does is right front end code like, they're not a real engineer. And I guess. It can become dangerous because I think the skill set you need there might be. And I'm not saying this is true. I'm just going to invent something as a generalization, but to say like oh in front, and that's not as technical that you you don't even need to know differential equations to do that. And it's like, I might be true. But it also means working with artists and constantly vastly changing requirements, and you know, having an eye for design because you don't always have the designer at your disposal. Right. It might mean. A skillset does actually quite difficult and hard to do. But, you know, working on, you know, compiler optimization theory and the symbolic logic of that. Or maybe that is a much more academic thing. But it turns out like, yeah, that's very rigorous and difficult in those puzzles are very very hard to find making progress comes in spurts rather than you know, you I marks. But that doesn't stratification as we are trying to vacation implies like almost a strict ordering, and I don't know that I on this right word. But like, I don't know that it's strictly this one's better than other. It might be different people shoot at different stratification. Totally the wrong word. I think it's more like what sort of looking for where it's just it's just clustering or just split out. So that so that front engineer like if someone wants a front engineer, they don't put more defined roles like more right nuance. More granularity in the roles. Yeah. Exactly. Now, what fortunate thing is that is that anytime you put two different labels on two different things. There's going to end up being a hierarchy, right? If nothing else the supply and demand dynamics of those jobs will be different and that will cause the pay to be different. And that will cause a hierarchy right? I mean, I mean, but that happens already, right? So so by by sort of hiding under the software engineer label, it actually just makes it harder for people to advocate for better salaries and things like that. Because it just as more variance right to your point. I don't think I think it would be wrong to assume that any of those jobs is better than the other one. I mean, they're they're all there also require different set of skills. But you are right. I don't and without getting I don't want to drag it onto a conversation. But you are right there different one on me better or worse or harder easier. But supply and demand will dictate prices might be different like the pay. Yep. Yep. So. Yeah. So I can see it both ways as well. I personally still lean towards like why not I mean, especially if we software engineer becomes I mean, let's imagine in the future ten percent of all employees globally. Our software engineers, I mean, that's that's obviously much farther from the universe. We're living now. Right. But let's say that happened. Right. I mean, there's you can't just have software engineer as a job title, then it would be absurd. Right. And so you know, that that as the job becomes more and more prevalent, eventually, so I mean, I think I guess on the fly China coming in analogy, if you talk about a medical doctor, so people still say, you're a doctor, but there's pediatricians and there's surgeons, and there's cardiologists, and there's general practitioner, I'm not I'm not an expert. Things if you looked at a job description, it probably would say, doctor, right? But you'd still other people might call it that they know there's new ones you'd still say, oh, you're a doctor like you're still paying you're still a doctor you still go to medical school. But then you develop a specialization and you're right job. Offer would be very clear about hey, this is a position for, you know, working in the hospital as a chiropractic surging terrible anyways. But, but you know, it's going to say very specifically what job ends going to have a good label because it's a sort of stable thing. And everyone knows what it means. But it's probably true that like a pediatrician doesn't make as much money as a brain surgeon, despite the fact that people both call them doctors, and they probably both referred to themselves as doctors..

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