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Got. Fletcher from Tennessee you're amazing. You Talk. To me every. Lou. Wow Thank you for taking on that journey and also Fix To. McEwen rates cusack who helped Lulu produced what you just heard into the entire radio lab team the Road Shotgun with Lulu all night screen calls talked to people who called in Tracy Hunt Shimon I Mali webster and McEwen Sarkar Tobin low also big thanks to Fletcher Lee Johnson and his mom Elaine Boyd and to six feet of separation the publication by and four kids where we found Fletcher sleep meditation. Thanks to Chris Collin Alex Wong Lavar Burton musician West Swing Kelly Libby Libby. Antigen. Wang. Who helped with reporting for this show? And finally, big. Shout out to our friends at reply all who do a mean Colin show? Like this, we highly recommend you check out their episode old. Hello I'm Jaboomer Rod and I we will Miller thanks for listening the by. Is Grace calling from Chicago Illinois Radio lab was created by Jad album rod and is edited by Thorne Wheeler Lulu Miller, and lots of not there are co host. Dylan. Keefe is our director of sound design doozy Lechtenberg executives pretty. Our staffing include Simon Adler Jeremy Bloom Becca bressler Rachel Cue stick David Gable. That'll have T-. Tracy Hunt not guilty tobin low and in the Sarah, Tari area black hat walters, and molly webster with help from Shima Oli Sarah sound thought and Johnny. Fact Checker is Michelle Harris. So Hi my name is Anne McEwen I'm a producer at radio lab and I wanted to talk about this thing we do at Regula. I I. Like it. We have this thing it's a newsletter big surprise shows newsletter, but ours I think is Pretty Fun Oh. It's so fun. Matt guilty producer radio. What is your favorite part of the newsletter? My favorite part of the newsletter is I. It's getting it and seeing it in my inbox and then second it's opening and third is just hitting page down on my keyboard till I get to the very bottom email. You know it's at the bottom of the email. Staff. Fix It. which is like how great is that? It's great stuff stuff that we like stuff window what are your favorites? Some of his picks there was the one video where it was like seventeen babies on a hamster wheel. Really. Are the article about the guy who eight seventeen burritos. Okay What's your favorite Steph pick my favorite one ever. Well, it's hard to say one of my favorite ones ever was Robert Talking in delightful detail about the great sausage duel of eighteen sixty, five classic sick Molly's Bedbug. Pajamas. That was a scary. Tracy's pastor recipe which I did not make because I. Don't really cook but I'm just proud of her actually it's it's really simple. This is online. Announced Candidates Mehta's five tablespoons of butter a pins assault an onion, and you cook it in a pan for forty five minutes. All right. Thank you Tracy until you? Everybody's loving positive. Definitely that woman this guy sure this wonderful. Tasty Pasta. Every. Day. Helping, and we newsletter as cool stuff in it like Steph pigs and also tells you in an episode is drop as free. It's free So we're just kind of here to say like you should sign up sign up and you can sign up in about thirty seconds at Rehab Dot Org slash newsletter or texts are L. News Radio News two, seven, zero, one, zero, one that's our L. News two, seven, zero, one, zero one and thank you. This here has turned out very differently than many athletes thought it would since the season is canceled, they don't feel as though they they're obviously taking that salary. Do. How Football. Wasn't dollar football. Walk. I'm ANA sale host of the PODCAST death sex and money in our new series game changer. We're talking to three athletes about how the endemic has upended their lives and livelihoods listen wherever you get your podcasts..

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