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Pods were the largest animals ever to walk on Earth. They were long necked dinosaurs. They could grow the length of three school Busses. They were so huge. The ground literally shook when they walked. Why did they have such long necks? Well in the midst of their reign, A massive volcanic eruption almost destroyed the earth, and it wiped out all plant life. Theo on Lee Dinosaur that survived were these big Sora pods. Specifically the biggest of them called use rope odds, but they were low to the ground. And tall Conifer trees were the only food that survives. You know what happened, the big dinosaurs that were low to the ground needed to reach the tree food. That was the only way they could survive. So scientists now say that as generations evolved The dinosaurs grew longer. Next. They started to be born with longer next to accommodate being able to reach the food on those trees. I'm a paleontologist. That's crazy. You, mister! All right, so step aside. Murder hornets sightings of a new invasive species. It's a snake like worm. Reported in Georgia. It's really a weird looking warm. It's got a shovel head like shovel had a garden worms known as hammerhead worms over 100 have been decided. Snake like warm can grow up to a foot long. The mouse are really weird of the hammerhead worm. They're located midway down the bottom surface at their bodies, so they're not even that the mouth isn't even on its head. Primarily on Earth worms. They're pretty nasty looking, and this is probably the strangest fact. The worm produces a tetrodotoxin. It's the same deadly neurotoxin produced by puffer fish. So pretty bizarre stuff. You can't really kill it in the way that you would normally kill a worm because it can reproduce itself. If it's cut into sections, so don't do that. Excellent. Excellent case, you misters. All right, so everybody is moving into the holiday spirit and Christmas, etcetera and just selection. No, it has been reported by Dr Anthony Fauci himself. The nation's leading infectious disease expert. Santa is immune from Cove. It 19 so he's fine. He's got magic that's going to protect him. And even though he's magically immune, he still thinks that it's important to set a good example this year and not encourage others to potentially infect others. So that's why most of those in person visits in the malls and stuff like that. He's kind of backing off on those just because he wants to set a good example, However, the North Pole does have a mask mandate. They had a couple of elves that actually did test positive. Mrs Claus has been insisting on regular testing and S O. That was a really good apparently, according to the USA today, Dr Greg Poland, director of Mayo Clinic's vaccine research group, clear that he'd just gotten off the phone with the North Pole where he spoke with them, and there have been two infections among the elves, but none of them serious. And that's just a good reminder to the elves to whether Mask and the North Pole's big enough They are actually able to convert the workshops that it is properly spaced. Excellent. Good news. Thank you, Mr Better Rough go for the Dallas Cowboys just three wins quarterback problems Mike McCarthy struggling in his first year. Mike Nolan's defense can't seem to stop anybody. Nolan that a recent post game press conference was forced to stop himself. Obviously, the frustration for him as well. It's just, you know, look when he misses him. Nobody could Excuse me. I got something. Um I just had some Tabasco or my finger is one of my life wasn't good. No, that's not good, A little Tabasco sauce on your finger and it gets into your eye. I have several questions here. John was that the standard Red Marina's colored Tabasco maybe the green.

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