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In your cart or something happy boxers David St Stephen's days they called in Ireland my friends for session yeah just stay they sing seems is a thing to its a big holiday you get the Christmas then you get another holiday right after due to graphs I guess as you get your card or a gift or something yeah I mean so I I because you I I watch some of it because a year which is out of my copes loyalty and intrigue and I didn't make it to the end now I left when it was some woman said you got to make fire against the you to got to make fire against each other I think that's it I gotta go hell yeah did you watch the fire making challenge that's what it was like ten twenty or something you know that's it this is help you have you the distance I couldn't risk waking up and knowing or finding out who in one after finale like that did you know well the one thing we didn't get which I always loved the reunion episode of the reunion special afterwards because they discuss strategy they discussed the upcoming season they talk about major moves in a sort of a funny one because we got all of the all the returning winners but so what they did instead was they gave us a three hour finale with I think if markets account right I think for tribal councils and maybe three challenges for different challenges it was Alfa now it was good if good fish I said to trouble counts as one where they had to re vote as people broadcast broadcast somebody immunity that US is that is that is that unprecedented or regular that was that was sort of rare for there being five I think it was a final six at that point and four people were immune that was kinda rare but based on the domino effect I think every viewer that had watched kinda knew that if an item was played that that was gonna happen when that happens you you sort of paying people into a corner and then two people were left to be voted out and then the guy I understand you were anti this probably was a guy you would have a thing with because he was like a hipster cowboys dnia is that I'm describing it right he's not a hipster at all okay I'm sorry well history tell that to the cowboy hipsters out their case there are there are hipsters who who try to look like Ben though yeah I mean that's kind that's kind of like the Oakland bartender looks pretty legit like he's he was a marine I think he's like a he's like a true midwestern dude I don't know where he's from exactly but he's I don't think he's fake I don't use a he says Israel let answers well but hipsters trying to look like that what little food mansion I mean he he devoted out needs resolutely he's very he was a marine he's a like a military so against him that was the first time he played he was a kind of a brash he was a great it was a fun player he was a really likeable guy in this time around he was even more just likable guy thought this time you just kinda he's shown some people he just decided that I want to work with you so I'm never gonna converse with that person and that I think that's a close minded way of playing alternately you get voted out so it appears that he jumped on the grenade and sort of likes told his partner vote me out which was the lamest **** ever do because the whole point of this was she was she was the woman's name was Sarah and she was basically saying there's a gender bias in this game that if a woman is conniving and backstabbing she's viewed as at like at like an evil player wears a random strategize so what she was saying was I don't want people to think that because her other partner Tony who literally carried her to the end of the game she said I don't want people to think you carry me to the end so Benson's okay I'll make sure people don't know that you vote me out and then it'll be like he didn't carry you to the end you will have made a move but if you just lay down the house the better she can go make the move you get right yeah yeah yeah it was lame I'm glad she didn't win I'm glad Ben didn't win the final three was the final three I wanted to see and the one who one was probably the most deserving and I think now we call on the we call Tony Vlachos the greatest player of all time you're really pretty good band now this all coming on the at the gender bias having a fair number of women one thing yeah this is something that's been a topic actually throughout survivor history I just a look I think that were almost equal it maybe a few more men I have actually of the week yes right now I don't think it's like eighteen to twenty two or something to tell you the truth the last five all that meant Tony Tommy Chris Nick and Wendell then that's six straight men prior to that was Serra but then Adam Adam one and then Michelle one then Jeremy one that Mike won the Natalie yeah Tony one again in twenty eight Tyson one John one Denise one KM one so if you want rob one Judd one Sandra one Natalie one James one Robert Parvathi one Parvati Harvey a man or woman is a woman she was in this season she was actually one of the favorites coming and she's one of the all time greats looks like it's it tilts towards men but but it's not like the hunt is not like ninety five five no it's more like sixty forty or so maybe that's more recent because of these last sixty just measured for a while it was almost even for a long time it was it was on par when we've had twenty one year old when we had a seven year old man or a sixty year old man winter so it's it's really is like TV's greatest social experiment and I'm I can't wait for season forty one by the way at at seven oh seven says look I'm trying to scrub with bands called lumber sexual politics no no no no no I'm not familiar with the term but I like it yeah well lumber Seattle over sexual so I guess that's where you kind of create your whole look based on DNA yes I think it's a combination of all of the northwestern longer meets a you know I don't know a swinger yeah yeah and I think by the way it it probably can go to either gender I'm guessing yeah I would think so yeah he's very genderfluid Murphy all right we gotta get to the guest.

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