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Terry mcauliffe beat himself up last night in a one on to interview in the so-called virginia roundtable and he just punched himself out. If it was a fight they would have stopped it. They said terry wanna leave now. Because you're so bad. Glenn young already winning glenn. Young gonna win you. You're desperate and you're terrible. I wanna go in reverse order of his nightmare comments last night and for the rest of the country. Terry mcauliffe is indeed the same terry mcauliffe. You've heard about for forty years. He's the jack the lad. Virginia politics is just a sort of buffoonish character. Arrogant smug everything. You don't want an elected official in old and around forever in reverse order of bad answers. Let's start with his lease bat. Answer where he tries to avoid the fact he called for overturning. The election of two thousand and and threw dirt on two thousand and four cut number fifteen in two thousand four. You said this about the election. Where president bush beat al gore. Let's go back to florida president. Jose okay so i i want to talk about. This was president. George bush legitimately elected but we went to a very contentious. Two thousand if you remember and remind you. It went all the way to the united supreme court and it took them through the second week of december to actually make a decision and the supreme court for the first time the history of our country. Stop the counting of ballots in florida in overturned the local virginia or the florida supreme court. So he got sworn once you're sworn we gotta move on but do not forget. That was very important. That the supreme court of florida stopped. The counting. a balanced wasn't the case in twenty twenty. Well you came out with a new ad this week challenging mr young kuenz prioritizing election integrity. You said glen again casting doubt on election result and putting trump's conspiracy theories i. This behavior is dangerous. And it's disqualifying so my question to you is. What is the difference between what you've said and when you're accusing him of well i'll say it again. That case in two thousand went to the united states supreme court.

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