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Patient's immune system, giving him the donors HIV resistance findings published in the journal nature warned that such transplants are dangerous and had failed and other patients. I'm Scott Carr state of California has filed it's forty seven lawsuit against the Trump administration. This sued over the White House, cutting federal family planning funding. California's not the only one twenty states have filed or planning to file lawsuits to stop a new rule from taking effect that would block titled ten funding to any family planning organization that provides women information. About or referrals to abortion services. Medical care should be between a woman and her doctor, not the president of the United States State attorney general hobby for Sarah says California has the most to lose by the new rule. Well, no federal money. We're told funds abortions funding would be taken away from places like Planned Parenthood and given to faith-based pregnancy centers. The new rule is expected to take effect in may Jim Roope. Los Angeles lights supremacist groups spreading hate at an accelerating rate. Implicit or explicit attacks on Jews blacks, Muslims nonwhite immigrants and the LGBTQ community often spread by flyers on campuses. And elsewhere there were eight hundred and sixty eight such incidents last year. Overall is an increase of about one hundred eighty percents from just over four hundred and twenty seventeen George Salim the Anti-Defamation League which conducted the study the AD L says to white supremacist groups accounted for three quarters of those incidents. Vicki Barker, CBS news tomorrow will be the last day. Day of production for one GM plant in Lordstown, Ohio Lordstown workers have already been transferred. Others have applied. Still others. Have retired UAW local eleven twelve ice. President Tim O'Hara says Manny remain in limbo. A lot of our people that haven't already left. You know, they're kinda just gonna ride it out and see what the future holds down the road, the final status of the GM plants will be decided in union negotiations this summer, Jeff Gilbert, CBS news, Detroit, turns out heatwaves happened in the ocean the same they do on land. But scientists saying increasingly catastrophic results the first systematic global analysis of ocean heat waves has found warming episodes on the ocean floor have increased by more than fifty percent in the past thirty years killing off some of the kelp forests, seagrass meadows and coral reefs essential for maintaining ocean food chain researcher Pippa more in Western Australia in twenty eleven some marine forest actually died either stretch of hundreds of kilometers and haven't returned since then coastal waters from California to Australia to Spain all affected and the scientists predict the heat waves will only become more frequent add more deadly in.

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