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We pulled that out, right? Measure down in distance anyway. Can we talk about Denver for a second because this is a great game last night and the Broncos have every opportunity to win it right down practically to their final gas. Well, actually, right down through their final gas on offense, but they have a SuperBowl caliber defense. If they get Representative quarterback playing, keenum wasn't good last night. If they get Representative quarterback player, they legit contender in an AFC. That looks pretty mediocre right now they've always been a legit contender. We've always said that, oh, if they get a quarterback, if they have a guy, you go out and get case keenum and you give them what's Inese approving deal in the NFL for quarterback guys get paid big money. They didn't give him. They are sure that case keenum is that guy. Last night we saw he had opportunities to make throws. It's a make plays that marries Thomas down the sideline. That's eight role that a starting quarterback in the NFL has to make. And will you have a defense that could play the way they do turn the ball over to you? If. You get a guy who can make that you don't have to make every play, but make deadly this teams a different defenses. Good enough. Certainly. And I was impressed and I've been impressed with their ability to run the football Lindsey and Freeman to rookies that have been running it. Sensationally, gashing, Kansas City. A lot of pressure on keenum because I think if he's average and he just manages games, they're good enough to win the division, right? But if he's better than average, if he can go and outduel and go toe-to-toe with the best quarterbacks in the NFL in this league, you have to do that. If it's Brady breeze, whoever it is Mahomes last night at dynamic player. Now of a sudden, this team becomes a contender in the, I think what upsets you is you've held you held the Kansas City Chiefs. You had them. You were by ten and you can't make the place that you need to make to extend the lead and unique case keenum today with to do that. All right. It was a terrific Monday night game last night, and we will have much more honored as we go. But there was huge baseball to be played yesterday and we'll start out in LA dodgers hosting the Rockies game. One sixty three, four, the division title bottom of four, no score. One on to fella. Coming through. He was just one for sixteen against him Airmont Marquez, but that's a two run shot. His twenty fifth of the year, these are regular season stance dodgers ticket to nothing lead bottom of five Saint score max Muncie at the plate match Muncie and the the other way shot that's thirty season. Often you'll come like clock Quavo bell. abet. Luli gorshkov. Doc dancing in to try to close out the game. He gave up a solo home run. Then he's facing Trevor story, and that's another home run. That's thirteen runs allowed by Janssen hurt. His previous high was just six allowed. And so now we got a little bit of time in LA. Only a little Gherardo power goes down swinging dodgers win the division five, two, and the celebration is on. We're going full MO. Hey, I see you soon baby and then as Lanxi Carlo Colorado, no matter who going, we go and beat it and we're going to, we'll say, I king and these time we're going to wing that. We'll sit who does things. There. There'd be funny as here in Los Angeles. This celebration. Why do his life WALDO his beard? That's what she took up tweet onto something the dodgers on three to two odds to win the pennant at the west gate, Las Vegas, Super Bowl. Those are the best odds of any team in either league right now, the dodgers are your favorites. Meanwhile, we have the other game yesterday. The cubs had to watch while the brewers celebrated on their field, but no time for sulking in Chicago foster only will tell us why they have a huge advantage in a must win tonight and the giants struggles on offense or not a new problem. There's only one piece. It's the same as last year is it knee lies full. We discuss..

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