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I don't think it means Skywalker. As a person, a my, I don't know the spoiler. Her on this just at the eyrie Saudi who's going to walk in the sky. Finally, I mean. Fisher did the movie layered? He did that last time. No, I think it means. I think Skywalker is going to be the name of a new order. And so like the jet, I will end and the new order will be called Skywalker. And so then it's like the rise of this new thing, which is sort of the feces of the last Jedi is sort of like the jet. I order needs to end. Let's make something new and like if they call that new guy Walker, you know, as a fun thing. So as long as the words Gawker does not refer to like, Luke or bend solo was go Arthur butted him or Ray being somehow secretly Skywalker than I am fine with that title. That's my my maybe two nerdy. Take for little I think also raise going to announce to the unveiling of Skywalker. Plus. New. Like your credit card at the door. When you leave the movie theater, I like that theory, also because there's kind of a meta dimension to like like, Walt Disney wasn't actual person. And now Disney is an adjective, and like a brand and like for Skywalker to have that same trajectory seems kind of poetic in a in a weird capitalist way. I mean, the same thing is true, George Lucas, Lucas, Lucas film, Lucas, you know, it's like it's his own thing too. So, yeah, let's great point..

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