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Are running a poll right now on our Twitter page. You've got just very short time. Russell Wilson's now. High-speed quarterback in the NFL one hundred forty million dollars deal signed last night hundred forty million over four years huge signing bonus. Now, we know he has paid more. But in your mind is he worth more than drew Brees or Tom Brady right now voting? Heck? Yeah. Seventeen percent. We'll see this season. Twenty one percent. Sixty two percent of respondents say oh my gosh. No. So again, if you wanna vote time short, but you can jump on the follow us at six ten WTVN news on Twitter, and before we get to the cash last year, we mentioned this and got great response. In fact, so much so that Ohio four H youth development one a twenty thousand dollar grant, they're doing it. Again this year. It's the raise your hand campaign. So whichever state. Eight. Of the lower forty eight gets the most people to get on social media and talk about the great experience at four h head on their life and dividends at paid. And all that kind of stuff in hashtag, raise your hand. Well, it's going to generate more money for the kids that are in there now. So thanks to Scott forgiving me, a heads up on this again this year, and it's just it's just as simple as if you were in four h and you want the next generation of kids get the chance to succeed like you did get on hashtag it, and let's go. All right. So it is hands on experience at four age. Raise your hand, hashtag, raise your hand. And you'll help the next generation and again, thanks eight thirty that means it's time for cash your shot at.

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