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Has expired. yeah my my turn. will be answered. not to Tom only. fine Mr Holman we have this free medicines for mean the Republicans and the Democrats with the ranking member we increase the time of one witness at one a member of Congress who was interrupted by a protest that is done with the approval of the ranking member please respect the chairs authority the general manager is adorned with the church hall meant that you. I'm a taxpayer you work for me. wow. what you love this guy Mr reducer. oh my lord they don't know what the hell to do it they don't want him showing up at these hearings. but he wants to show up the hearing so the Republicans invite him so the Democrats. they think they can run circles around this guy he knows so much. he's not putting up with there be yes. you're not gonna put up with their B. S. wasn't that fun. we don't always want to be on downers here I want to listen to this. Margaret Hoover has a sh program called firing line it's a very unique title course firing line was bill Buckley show for thirty years I watched him as a kid and as I got older. the great hero of mine. fox asked me to a program I said I wanted to a long form interview not not bill Buckley not that I'm gonna do a mark Levin interview show but I want to do what we used to do. so then PBS season they cannot we're going to do that to a higher Margaret. whatever I don't know Margaret. and others have tried to. but they don't get the ratings we get thanks to you my radio audience. I'm not playing this to listen to Margaret Hoover because I don't care about that playing this week in here Mike Bloomberg. Mr gun control. Mister anti never Trumper. I want you to listen to what he has to say. at sixteen go the Communist Party wants to stay in power in China and.

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