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Burma makes the shift to the west i'm kathleen maloney fox news the hurricane is now threatening cuba still a categoryfour hurricane you see it rushing their right up against the coastline and then by sunday morning were running back out over over open water between cuba and florida in what we could pick up a little bit more he there's a lot of warm water there that's can allow this thing to fuel backup perhaps backup to a category five hurricane fox meteorologist adam cloth says urmas courage course poses more of a threat to the west coast of fluorinated than originally forecast more than five and a half million people have been advised to evacuate florida ahead of this storm glad so many people were taken the seriously and driving to a safe place but if you do not meet need to be on the road don't be on the road florida governor rick scott also says federal officials are taking steps to make sure there is enough fuel available for people trying to get out before the hurricane in its white house homeland security advisor tom bossert says extra tankers or on the way for rain is much supply of refined fuel as possible and we've waived particular a statute that that allows for foreign fly vessels to help in that effort before boarding marine one for a flight to camp david president trump told reporters the us is prepared at the highest level to deal with are among the president will hold a cabinet meeting at that maryland retreat tomorrow fox's jared halpern in washington on the heels of earn roma hurricane jose has strengthened to a categoryfour storm after tearing through the lesser antilles is taken it turned toward those islands again for now jose is not threatening the us and president trump has signed a more than fifteen billion dollar disaster aid package for victims of hurricanes harvey and erma it also extends the country's.

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