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Makes it easier for a campaign like Newsom's to target just one person rather than all 46 candidates, ABC Zoran Shah. Preparations are underway along the Texas Gulf Coast for Tropical Storm Nicholas. Heavy rain, flash flooding and 40 mile per hour winds are in the forecast for areas around Galveston and Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner putting his City on notice What I would say to people now is to be weather aware whether alert Especially over the next. Let's say the next 72 hours between now and Wednesday. I know we'll be activating the Office of Emergency Management tomorrow. Nicholas could reach hurricane strength when it makes landfall sometime late Monday. A federal court in New York will hold a pretrial hearing Monday over sex assault claims from a woman against Britain's Prince Andrew Virginia. Jeffrey was 17 when she claims that she was trafficked and directed to have sex with Prince Andrew by two of his associates, London socialite and the late convicted sex offender. Jeffrey Epstein. On Monday, a court in New York will review court documents from her team that say the prince has been successfully served notice of the lawsuit. So far, no one from the princess legal team has presented a case against her claims. And it is not yet clear if anyone from his side would even be present for the hearing on Monday, which will be held via teleconference. Julia McFarland, ABC News at the Foreign Desk, London Some familiar names in music earning honors at the video Music Awards Sunday night, Justin Bieber, one artist of the Year Loan as X one video of the year, and Olivia Rodrique. Go named Best new artist. You're listening to ABC news. Approximately two students per classroom have food allergies school nursing, Kaleo spokesperson Kelly Barlow says Now is the time to discuss how to ensure a safe return to in person. Learning this fall. All Children with life threatening allergies should have an anaphylaxis emergency.

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