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Councilman Eric Gallo says covered 19 vaccines are safe, and those who are most vulnerable should get one as soon as possible. We've done a good job of messaging that, but now the demand is exceedingly. Higher than expected religious worshippers may have more freedom and protections under a new legislative effort, introduced today at the California state. Capitol, Senator Brian Jones says his bill would require the governor and local governments to designate religious services as essential just like grocery stores. It prohibits state and local governments from discriminating against the religious organization during emergency that requires state and local governments to permit religious services to continue operating during an emergency. The soul Called religion is essential Act would allow churches, temples and mosques to operate at the same capacity is other essential services. Exciting news for Sacramento baseball fans. The San Francisco Giants are extending their partnership with the river Cats for another decade gave because John Brown eyes he tells us the Triple A club couldn't be happier. The agreement means the Sacramento team will continue as the Giants top minor league affiliate into the 20 thirties. Club general manager Chip Maxon says it's exciting to see young players dreams come true, but it's also bittersweet when they move up to the Big League team special moment. Certainly for these players for their families for us on then, for all the fans here in Sacramento that that love him, Maxine says It's also fun for local fans to see their major league heroes, rehab injuries and work out their game mechanics in Sacramento, unique things about my league baseball that makes it so special is That that access and just the intimacy with the players, Maxine says they hope to have a schedule of games in the next week or two, and we'll work with local public health officials to see how they can have a river cat season this year. John Byrne is e news. 93.1 kfbk Our Next update in 30 minutes. I'm Joe Michael's News. 93.1 kfbk Now Sacramento traffic.

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