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I thought that was a bit harsh. We'll finally should in two thousand eighteen. After a tumultuous periods in your life us stepped away from poker interview with chad. Holloway for poker news. You said i will always have at least a foot in. But i looking to transition to doing business development in ea sports looking forward. Do you ever see yourself as having both in poker again. I've always loved videogames tucker. Power has actually getting a lot of opportunities to work with vacates in east sports. And i also a lot of poker with sports figures. I would say that every successful poker player kind of aspires to be a recreational player. And i am no different. I don't want to have to depend on my poker successes for my livelihood. I think it's way too stressful. I think it's fine when you're younger and you don't have much to lose. But i am no longer spring chicken and i like stability knowing how much money i'm going to have. Maybe not online a month to month basis but certainly every five year stretch out on the sea that i am building something instead of having to start from scratch. So that's why i'm working on other things of i won't talk about the other thing yet. Oh no please kiprusoff. What are the other things gives us an exclusive. Okay another special. I guess real job thing. I'm working on right now. Is i was signed up as the special projects lead for khokar Slash w. p. t. Well to sound like a very cool new role is also very cool. Poker kings seemed to be pushing the envelope in doing a lot of very fun stuff in the poker space right now. Thomas keeling jamie kerr on obviously all part of that right now. Also if you like what you heard from shonda on poker power you can visit poker power dot com phenomenal organization with incredible people involved. It has been lovely chatting to you today issue. Luke thank you thank you both. It's such a pleasure. Sorry i wasn't as articulate. Still quite morning. No you were brilliant. That can definitely empathize with morning branding. Even though as much later here i'm slough operating of morning brand to late evening brain. I'm the only one who's been here on early. Riser drake's Can i just say that. I woke up this morning to talk to both of you before you go into what you literally of my wife to drag me out of bed so i did to do but today okay. Well thanks engine inky so much. Take care before the next show is out. The world series of poker will have begun and if rumors are correct will be the last one in the rio so that in mind here is a classic song from one thousand nine hundred eighty two durant durant we do oh man pin so a bowl mccain sir down again to paul josh anjouan. We'll be back for another episode of the race in three weeks time the anytime we've got a brand new strategy video featuring a tricky spot. I was putting in the unit bet open online and an episode of the lock. Starring mindset coach jar tender of these will be able to watch on our youtube channel until then from dr ian myself. Tonight good luck

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