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And that's how the data travels to you when you're getting from your cell phone or Wifi or something else. Unfortunately we are near these devices. It's not just coming to your phone own is coming to a cloud. That's maybe thirty six inches around you and so you are sitting in the soup and the poor children in the classroom IPADS are getting hit with not just their device. It's the guy sitting to the right and the girl to the left and the kid in the front and the kid in the back and all of these fears of three feet around. All of these pets are additive. And when it's edited it actually just gets much bigger than just one plus one equals two right. It's more like one. Plus one equals one hundred twenty. I understand that France has has stopped Wifi in the classroom. They have for the youngest grades and they're restricting their. Cyprus stopped it altogether Russia has done most of this seminal work Russia actually in this well known you can look it up online. I've written up on one. One of my websites are f. e. m. f. dot com. That's radio frequency electromagnetic fields. But it just talks about from nine hundred fifty three to nineteen seventy eight the Russians nations bombarded are US embassy with Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Radiation Twenty four seven and beat. The people live there and worked There so they were bombarded for twenty seven the entire time they were working and living at that embassy the US learned about this after the first year but the US didn't help cal any of those employees for ten years. They just follow the health effects and the catalogue them all and they recognized what was happening. Three of our ambassadors passengers died of brain cancer to gather on the job the other one when he got home. Miscarriages sleep problems. All these classic symptoms symptoms of Microwave Radiation Sickness. Finally after ten years they started paying these poor people hazard pay to just show up because it was that dangerous so this is our first big experiment of human subjects from which we have statistically significant data that proves the the microwave radiation will cause cancers lethal cancers. Okay and all kinds of other health problems because these microseconds pulses are Are completely foreign to our natural biology and if you are unconscious and a you're going to the hospital they're gonNa do things they're going to check to see if you eletricity in your hearts that's right and if you have in your brain eeg and what they're looking for is they're looking for electrical potentials of your cells which are very small. Now the units get kind of very technical but it's simple to imagine if you imagine a zero with dot ought and then eleven more Zeros and a one. That's what your cells run at called. Pico Watt what the Federal Federal Government is saying. Here is every iphone every tablet. Every one of these. There's allowed to emit radiation at ten. What's the difference between ten and a people? What is ten trillion times who've that is ten into the thirteen fourteen right around that it's essentially if I took tension view and put you end and you would extend from the Sun all the way to the end of our solar system and back four times? That's how it's different. It's almost incomprehensible. What I'm saying to you is that is not surprising at at all that electrical signals as high and as intense as these would affect and confuse are very sensitive electrical organs and cells and functions within our body and in fact it does we have twenty five thousand studies ever since one thousand nine hundred eighty seven which clearly catalogue? What's called microwave radiation sickness now one of the things we know the most is that affects our number one cancer fighting agent called Melatonin? And I want you to expand on that That what I don't understand is why doesn't the scientific community Br come up and speak and roar this information they they have been. They've been screaming at the top of the long for the last fifteen twenty years and they are skit to the side because the government and the warriors coming military leterrier who are in business together. Okay and it's mostly the military. The military wants it for their own purposes because they actually see it not only as weapons is to win the next warfare you know gains but then the other thing is they want to make sure they can use it for whatever surveillance needs they have and so that goes beyond military that goes into the NSA the CIA and all the rest but the key thing about the scientists as they are speaking up there is a two thousand fifteen there are two hundred twenty four scientists from forty one nations signed the ems finest appeal you can find that online mantis dot org and they have called on the UN to lower these uh-huh guidelines which are really way too high. Okay ten watts per device irrespective of how many devices there are. It's just utterly ridiculous because these are safe level we are. We're dealing in. You know ten to the minus twelve or eleven of what we want for ourselves and we're way overwhelming them so it's just too much electricity through the air. This essentially what this is we are sending electrical signals through the air and we we are getting confused by them and I think we it's anything that sensitive to electrical changes in our deeds biological mechanisms assumes that has to do with calcium moving across membranes. It can get pretty technical but at the end of the day the mechanisms been figured out. The symptoms are leading to it or been figured out. The National Talks Ecology Program completed. Its sixteen year twenty five million dollars study and they published the first results in May May of two thousand sixteen and they have proven statistically significant levels higher brain cancer heart cancer DNA damage. And that's just the three tissue samples they looked at at that time. And they're gonNA be looking at a whole bunch more tissue samples and also on mice and they did this just I. Four nine hundred Megahertz cell phone and eighteen hundred mega itself from not having done the study on. What's happening why they haven't done on the big study on what's happening with the five G.? Stuff because the five G. frequencies go range anywhere. From six hundred Megahertz six hundred thousand times a second up to maybe ninety gigahertz okay ninety billion times a second and all of that range is being planned to be broadcast into our neighborhoods on what they call quote unquote small cells. You may have heard about this five gene small cells while the five G. is ready to be rolled out right. They're starting to do some tests. They planned it already for Sacramento. We were up there today talking to the legislators about all this whole thing and how did that go well. It was pretty amazing. We we read the bill. The bill is and this is the bill that we have to fight. Okay this is called Senate bill. Six four nine the wireless telecommunications facilities bill it is a gift to the wireless industry that has no basis us back to the One Thousand Ninety six telecommunications act what they said at that time was a national priority for people to be able to make calls and text messages pitches and therefore we should encourage the build out of antennas to enable people to do that twenty years later we've achieved the goal ninety nine percent percent of all people in America have a choice of two or three carriers to choose from in order or at least that many in order to be able to to make calls and text messages coverage is complete even though there are some rural areas that might not be so great at the end of the day when you get to ninety nine percent from the law standpoint appoint coverage is complete. What they're doing is they want capacity and all that means is you choose to download the video onto a Weiss? That's not a good move. You don't WanNa watch any of your video wirelessly early. You would much rather use an Ethernet core every go you get much faster speeds and you get none of the radiation problems and it turns out with a USB adapter. This is the Microsoft surface tablet but it works exactly the same for an IPAD or android tablet or anything else you can and do a wire you can even get a special adapter. Go into the bottom of your iphone and two right here. No it would need a white adapter from the apple store. You're US another one. But it's all my website responsible IPAD DOT com. You actually can learn how to do it. But the point is almost every modern device that we we use today can be connected by wire. You don't need a Wifi router and you don't actually need to touch the towers in order to use your devices while at home uh-huh and this is my strong suggestion for everyone is if you can actually go to wired internet connectivity. You're going to get faster more reliable and more secure connections. I'm going to tell you the truth if you're running Wifi router at home or school or anywhere else and my desire is to capture.

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