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What we said we wanted to go viral. But not like this. Welcome to the Decibel Geek podcast. We are still in quarantine my name. Is Eric Camaro across a couple of counties? Away is Kristin Zach. How's it going brother how you doing stay alive? How are you good? I'm just staying home trying to stay out of the mess as best as I can. Yeah we're into the second week of this and who knows what the hell is going to stop. It's driving me crazy man. I'm so stir crazy. It's like I want to go out and do stuff. You know how bad I wanted to go to. The phone unlocks music store the other day as wanting to go buy a CD. And I know all them stores are closed and even if they are open. I wouldn't go. I went to a local restaurant because they're trying to support the small businesses and they were doing curbside takeout orders and like chorus. They were backed up super long. And I'm sitting in my car reading a book and thinking this is more fun than being Al's awaited like forty five minutes for my food. I was like this is still better than being at home or like. Normally you'd be pissed for having to wait that long but in the circumstance like wow this the most exciting thing that's happened all day ask. We got out drove just drove around the country because we just had to get out of the house but didn't say anything all that special what it was like. At least we got out of the alphabet. Something Nice well. We're coming into your house this week. Because hopefully that's where you're listening to the show and Yeah it's another quarantine session today. Chris's where he's at in studio see. I'm back here in studio but we're not going to deprive you guys of the show. So we're GONNA rock on with this and we're going to do some more quarantine sessions today. We're GONNA answer some more questions. I've got a big surprise. A big surprise. We're GONNA try an experiment before the end of the show. And I'm not even going to tell you Chris what it is but I think you're going to have a lot of fun and I think the listeners are GonNa Freak in love it. All we need to do is find a willing participant today. So see what we can come up with now. We've got a couple of friends joining us this week. Hopefully because he is back this week and because he helped us out so much last week with our quarantine sessions that hopefully he'll be my willing Guinea pig. We also got his co host. This week in Josh. Toomey old friend of the show. Yeah Awhile since. He's been on the show. So it'd be interesting screen refund. Ask those guys about new podcasts. The diplomat Focus podcast Geo. I think it's called about right. We'll we'll we'll ask them all about that. But before we get to all this and the fun festivities and the secret experiments today we got to take care of our business and our business. It's sweet reviews and recommendations. We got a good one here today. It's an apple. Podcast Review Entitled Keeping Rock Alive. Five stars right there Bam these guys know their stuff and dig deep love revisiting some of the classic records with them and learning about how they were made. Keep up the great work. Guys that comes to us from rat. Fink number two via apple podcasts. From a year in the USA RATPAC number two number two number one out there somewhere him. Nex A rat fink number. Two is number one in my book. That's an awesome review. We appreciate it very much. Thanks to everybody that takes time to leave. Us reviews and recommendations clearly. We don't hide how much it means to us. So keep them coming. We love to hear from you guys especially during trying times like this. And thanks for the feedback. We got on the corentin sessions volume one last week when I remember of it was awesome. But it'll be if we do this again this week and you guys seem to like kind of the loose format and we loved. Interact with fun. Yeah and one thing. I realized last week about that show is that the Decibel Geek hotline is awesome. But the way it's going to work best when this shit all blows over and you're able to come back over here to the studio sit across from me and you and I can be here and take phone calls that way because man we get too many on the line. It just messes things up for man. That was funny listening. Yeah what a mess. I think people were entertained by all the problems. We were happy with it. So there's that at least for sure. Yeah but the GIG awakenings people that shared on facebook twitter twitter last week's Corentin sessions volume. One thinks loic this week. Our Jeffrey Mendenhall Scrap Gino aims. Sean Phillips Air Martell Justice Capone Jason. Lucy Scott Chris Rock in runyon decibel. Tv made actress and Tom Lucas. Aaron Baker Jim Back David Glenn Shea Heart Trevor McDougal Adam Cox Todd Cunningham. Andrew Jacobs Alati or Aguilar. Christopher spoke twisted sister and is always the food food. Your baby those are people are Geeks of the week. They shared last week's episode. The first part of the quarantine sessions they're in quarantine with us and that's why they're geeks of the week this week. We want to become a geek of the week. Just share this week's episode quarantine sessions volume two. I'm sure you will because it's going to be a lot of fun. Well I guess we got to talk about it. Well I guess before we do. I should say we're playing some music today This is what I picked this. I just found this is one of my last finds before the quarantine began in all the music stores. Shut down the CDs called a tribute to pink. Floyd that's it. It's got some weird stuff on it. Another brick in the wall featuring fee waybill of the tubes run like hell featuring diesel Zappa and I think Glenn who sings on that one to note the dude from Chicago. This crazy album one. I'M GONNA out at the end of the show to awesome cover. Welcome to the sheen dig this featuring Doug Panic of Kings axe Gary Holy on guitar. Mike Caro formerly of toto on Bass Keyboards Derek. Charene and on Drums Greg Bissonnette. That's crazy grown for the end of the show. That'll be our playout song. Bob Kulich written all over it. Not this one actually really. I don't see no Bob Hewitt on here. Maybe somewhere on their hurt but junior eric singer plays on breathing. The air came out in two thousand four on platinum disc. Never heard of that so I dealt mad. Yes well start things off with the sad news brother. Make it a double official. GotTa say it. On the show I hate Saito loud mandate break smart Iraq and Pod is not happening in twenty twenty unfortunately damn you corona virus. I'll make it brief. I mean essentially. There was just a whole lot of factors that kind of came into making the decision. But they're all related to the pandemic and basically all the repercussions that come with a pandemic and things that fall in line on the business side just basically a bunch of Dominos started falling and it got to the point where it was like this. It's GONNA be disastrous. If we go forward and we were the success of it was gonNA be incredibly hamstrung between between South and being able to sell hotel rooms and also the touring. The industry has been turned inside out and even even in a good scenario A lot of the tours are GONNA get reschedule. Which means a lot of our guests would probably not going to be able to come. And as a promoter. You don't WanNa you don't WanNa promote a bunch of guests that are gonNA wind up dropping off and also You know people don't have disposable income so you know this is this is a situation has hit the economy hard and it's just one of the things took a step back and it's like okay. People's health is at risk. We don't know how long this is going to go on for and people are gonNA need every penny they can get going into the rest of this year so it just made the most sense to postpone the twenty twenty. One and I'm in talks with the hotel. Were hoping to make an agreement to do it there next year so we can just kind of keep the same set up. We were going to have But I'm waiting to hear back from them so stay but stay. Tuned refunds have already been processed. Everybody should get their money back soon and The that's where we're at now. I'm sorry it couldn't happen. You guys all know how much work we put into this thing. And it's heartbreaking but it just as the best decision right now I mean. What can you do man? I mean the they're telling us stay home don't congregate with people you know. And that's what rock and pot is a big congregation all kinds of people hanging out in the same place next to each other. Enjoying each other and that can happen with what's going on you know and even if it clears up tomorrow who knows how long until things get back to normal you know and I look things ain't going to be tomorrow so it's socks. I'm GonNa Miss so many of my friends that I was looking forward to seeing this summer. You know and a lot of people are going to be let down. Because they can't make it but I'm sure everybody's got to understand. Do you WANNA get on a plane. Right now really. Do you WanNa go to stay in a hotel room. I don't I don't want to do these things. It's just not safe out there so stay home and listen to podcasts sea. Yeah I mean every everybody that three act that has been very good about it from the castors to the to the guests that we had scheduled to the attendees at across the board. Everyone's been super understanding and and everyone that knows me and Erin know that you know. This event means a lot to us in. We love kind of being the the host of this thing every year so it hurts to not be able to put it on like you said. We're GONNA miss everybody this summer but you know we had that much more time to try to plant something really great.

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