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Our state cap and trade programs really reducing greenhouse gases they say that California over estimated the reductions by something like eighty million tons of carbon in the atmosphere which is a lot of carbon researchers evaluate cap and trade I'm Tiffany camp night that and other news from around the state on the next California report join us at six fifty one also at eight fifty one AM on KQED cooler temperatures today highs mid sixties along the coast impartial clearing there near the beaches otherwise mostly sunny skies upper eighties inland today cooler in the Sacramento Valley highs eighty six to about ninety two support for NPR comes from the Doris Duke charitable foundation which provides unrestricted support to individual artists in jazz dance and theater through the Doris Duke artist awards see three dot a eyes see three dot a I software enables organizations to use artificial intelligence and enterprise scale solving previous previously unsolvable business problems learn more at C. three dot a high and MD Anderson cancer center where physicians treat all types of cancers with a team of nearly twenty one thousand all devoted to ending cancer in providing hope to patients more and making cancer history dot com and by the listeners and members of KQED public radio eighty eight point five FM in San Francisco and eighty nine point three FM in Sacramento it's six twenty two this is morning edition on KQED I'm.

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