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I mean it's somebody day i mean it's not the scientists guy yeah the scientist i got the scientists guy who in this poisoning kills him oh but there really aren't that many and that's the thing is like because of that and also at any moment you feel like he could pop up again that's what we're here movies do all the fucking time and that's the thing that like just bugs me about them and one of the reasons also why stopped reading comic books to is this is like oh they broke batmans back but then it's back oh they killed superman but now there's like four superman and then and then superman's back again it's sort of like at a certain point it's like when there's no consequences it just ruins any kind of dramatic effect if it's sort of like no we might die in this moment but you know you're not do you have soap operas no i hate so for that reason also but that's also why like shows like game of thrones because it's just like that show is no problem killing characters and where that show lost me is when they brought in the fuck and magic where it's like okay jon snow is dead damn fucking bold move they kill fucking john snow holy shit spoiler guys don't back to fuck in life and to me that's when the show lost me that's what i was just like well now we have no consequences anymore won't you bring back ned stark while you're at it it just because that that show was so great like what's so cool about that show is it's like jamie lancaster is like this cocky guy who be any so cocky because he such a good fighter he's like the best fighter in the world he is the king slayer e can straight anybody with his sword chop off his fucking hand if he was able to go meet with mela sandro whatever and she like sprinkle some fairy does on a fucking fire and says some prayer to the lord of light and suddenly his hand popped back it'd be like that's uninteresting suddenly this thing has no consequences tyrian is no longer being dwarf anymore like ope he's been cured now he's like normal sized and whatever it's like no man that's not once you start doing that once you start.

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