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A lot of signs of good signs that's available around offers an offer optimization. That's fairly easy to do. Makes a huge difference in regards to revenue and margins. That can be done really out of the box. You know there is a bar a promo bar in on most sites the same one that stays easy piece of real estate. It's on brady much every website and you can use that to talk to the individual rather than everybody so instead of twenty percent off you can say hello to me and you can say something about me that would make me phen- special. I can see what they're talking to me so there are a few things like that. That doesn't require boiling the ocean. You want to set your sights towards that longer term treasury. You do one a single view of your customer. You do want to know the customer as the drivers different channels as you have them. But that's not day one. It's not this model. Newman task doing everything at the same time. I think it's really important for people to hear that from you. Because i think that boiling the ocean is common so is treating. I like. it's plug and play. You know it's it's obviously somewhere in the middle we. We do have a whole to get to this omni channel future world. We've got to have a better data infrastructure. We've gotta have team leaders understand the value of data and can integrated with it and can make this a fluid part of how we do business and move and shake those are real foundation level changes however we can begin with specific areas where we can see impact on marginally to begin with specific projects. That don't involve the wild infrastructure changes. We can get some momentum. See some dollars. Come in a question to run by you just because you know we get c. d.'s. Amount of this from the enterprise side is often when people begin with personalization. They find ways that are yes technically feasible maybe not super date intensive but also that if they bet for lack of better way of saying it if they flip up a lot of customers aren't gonna really notice it in some way so there's some kind of personalization around i don't know maybe it's like you mentioned offers right. Maybe it's like an email offer where a backseat goes out. That's a little bit off not the end of the world versus if your homepage for user for the whole twenty four hours is really messed up on. Of course you would only do a cohort anyway. But we've seen some folks experimental personalization ways that are a little bit less jarring the experience because enterprises are a little skeptical. And because it's new for them. Do you see that being something that people have to balance in think about when they go for first projects yes. It's interesting actually asked that question. You know one of the things that i have seen across a customers as they have delved into personalization is that the mentality is destined. Learn this day. I will cut over to echo experience and that the final right so for folks that are supplying personalization to the market. They have to gear up for that. Same mentality of fast experimentation could troon experimentation and the ability to give the enterprise fahd to success. So i think it is. It is about control roofs. It is about starting where you're comfortable it is about starting with one use case and with. Aml you know. The idea really is about do things. That are easily explainable. Because you don't want to treat any algorithm as a black box because that doesn't really help the outcome you're trying to achieve you. Want this to be very explainable deliverable roi generating and ultimately satisfying to consumer. You're trying to serve so there is a baby step again crawl and do it with testing testing and testing more testing to get your full deployment big time yet. I think marketing personalization. I think naturally lead to this kind of iterative approach. Ai needs that. Anyway so i think that's kind of a in my that's good news it's great we have a mindset that's maybe fitting a that's a beautiful thing and you guys have seen these kinds of experiences with big brands like north face any work working financial services so those of you listening in these are words in the wise. You've seen this stuff Hit the ground running in depth. Johnny and all we had time. But i appreciate you sharing some of that wisdom with us here on the show. Thanks so much. thank you for having me. This was a great conversation. So that's all for this episode of the business. Podcast a big. Thank you to deb. Johnny for being able to join us on this episode. 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