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Love island the morning after sponsored by kelloggs cornflakes well in looks like newboy alex's grafting meghan seems to have paid off you're listening to the morning after the official of paul cast of me arielle free now is a case of ladies what branch this morning as joining me today other wonderful actually james show to call ak the bittersweet dj have you feeling really i've league cited us she can't contain a lot say okay save save that so on stays podcast we are first piece of actions the islanders were split up are the burden josh fight to letdown samir georgia and molly fellow will be on the phone i though here your headlines from last night's episode dean reveals has approached threesomes onto that move the analogy slight throw something in annex finding has something to put on his application to the david society the brush the to whatever and ellie forget how to treat a jellyfish sting on mate eight the morning after if you wanna be of cocktails for life than head on over to the it to catch up on last night's episode welcome actually ensure that how are you both my love's do you speak i no no no it's all about you do polite both of us 'cause this morning is sesame morning miss saving ourselves discussing what is going on enough island were you shocked by last week's episode shocked and disappointed that's the word is his name okay what about you sure that of never been so on into cocktails sausage mooning possibly and i did the same thing by myself last night so that's not great the morning after see a sentence to you both i want you to elaborate heads have timed the hell is josh doing i'm so i'm gree oh i feel responsible even the never met made i've never met georgia and because i was so here for josh and cas 'cause i think those two together are the world's fittest human beings ever and but they're not she watching her well georgia's being behaving and really is dislike really of set by joe about just like missing josh and being loyal it's called loyal but he hasn't done anything yet he hasn't done anything yet do as you on us about the fact that he wants her she is fire has as he says and he went in the beach and had like a big conversation to the cameras ing i wish i could let george know if we were in the villa i wish i could let george know like west did was laura but the main issue for me is that he was checking to the guys ping down georgia i think when you fancy someone else's fair enough but you don't have to put down he said it during the show he said oh i didn't really rate jeff and we've seen him being really sweet with g knowing that jesus have insecurities but he doesn't i he doesn't when they when she first came in advance you go nearer so he's just being honest i didn't feel like she has to feel something for her to be so loyal to him yeah no idea doing i don't dispute the fact that the on each other houses fit though 'cause is ridiculous knocker and why really lights actually when she came in with no makeup in the morning is a bit disheveled the boys were like oh she actually looks like nicer like notch role then light cover to make them to the boys mental for which is actually quite durable enjoyed that joshes moves in the bed though quite excellent i would you describe them charlotte don't go fishing myself but you know when you actually put it out of the water it's just like fighting to get back in it's like a beautiful moment but wouldn't say it's tractive and what do we thinking about new boy alex efforts with meghan i mean what favor fund it bit creepy he was creating alone but then i kind of feel it megan's met her match with him because laura said that a couple of days ago she was like he licks into the eyes of your soul and he's like did it to every single girl every single girl that you saw in the villa that first night so she was quite we'd lauda was quite weary of whereas meghan gone for hick line and sinker quite literally a loved me he's like a pillow barricade and then the next thing just saw them like slow snuggling up where's lavar barricade also saw three quaters that's not gonna work you can't be sat there taking the tool to.

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