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95 years old and lives in a convent on Vatican grounds. Coming up here on WTO, top stories we're following for you at this hour, cancellations and delays continue to pile up at airports nationwide with Southwest Airlines still getting hit the hardest and the airline continues to warn problems may not be resolved for days. Maryland democratic congressman Jamie Raskin says he's been diagnosed with lymphoma. He is starting four months of treatment. He expects to keep working during chemo immunotherapy. We'll do stay with us here on WTO for more about these stories and others in minutes. It's 9 48. Traffic and weather all the apes and when it breaks, Joe Fox is in the WTO traffic set. Demetrius a light evening across the region really just a couple of incidents that we are keeping our eyes on in one of those may have just cleared it looks like the crash. Yeah, it's just a little bit of a delay there, but the crash en route 50, Arlington boulevard as you leave the Roosevelt bridge and come around in the backside of fort Meyer. At Pershing drive may still be there, but the delays are extremely minor just back to tenth street for the light there. So you're gonna be in good shape all the way out towards the beltway on route 50, Arlington boulevard, 66 is also moving well all the way out to front royal no problems. We do have a work zone on 81 if you're out that way tonight in between Steven city and Strasbourg. And that's going to be taking up a single lane with one lane getting by it looks like about a mile delay even out there. It's not bad. 95 south you're in great shape all the way down to Fredericksburg and Richmond. No problems on the dulles toll road around 7 out of Leesburg, over in Maryland, route 50, moving well from New York avenue and northeast all the way out to the bay bridge. We are single tracking, if you will, across the eastbound span of the bay bridge, it's a single lane in each direction with the westbound span shut down for overnight road work. No problems in Annapolis, no problems on 97. We haven't had any crashes there like we did last night. And the BW Parkway and 95 are looking good in between the beltways, two 70 year old and all the way up to Frederick, no problems on I 70 either to have a little bit of a delay coming westbound off the Baltimore beltway towards 29 and elegant city. But again, that's a pretty minor delay. Just had a crash reported in the district at 11th and H northwest, use caution, follow police direction around that. There might be some volume with the wizards game letting out. You can get your home ready and celebrate the new year at Ashley's new year's sale event, save 25% off all Ashley living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms, visit home stores online for the Ashley store nearest you. Joe Fox WTO traffic. Storm team forced Chad Merrill. Clear skies very quiet tonight temperatures in the low 30s downtown 20s in the suburbs, lots of sunshine tomorrow, our temperatures make leaps and strides into the upper 50s, cloud cover comes back on your Friday temperatures low

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