Montgomery County, Cosby, President Trump discussed on 24 hour News


Zero three bill cosby sex assault retrial underway in montgomery county this morning in protesters showed up to greet him including money's approach was r rated norristown would abuse marc abrahams a topless woman later identified as thirty nine year old nicole rochelle of little falls new jersey jumped over a security barrier and attempted to accost cosby and his entourage as they arrive she was taking custody by sheriff's deputies and charged with disorderly conduct rochelle is an actress who appeared in several episodes of cosby show in the nineteen eighties playing a friend of rudy huxtable meanwhile sonia sorrow who identifies herself as president of the national organization for women from new york let a group of women chanting and carrying signs we have hundreds of thousands of women who have the courage to come out tell their stories from norristown marc abrahams kyw newsradio news time four oh four a pair of brothers in the bridesburg neighborhood have been charged with pulling an ak fifteen on the neighbor over the weekend here's given abuse chris hansen billy police say a twelve year old boy and his nineteen year old brother went to a neighbor's home on kennedy street near them because there's some sort of argument both were armed one with a handgun the other within ar fifteen rifle it's owned by the nineteen year old northeast detective lieutenant dennis rosenbaum says thankfully no one was injured devastating round that's in them they're still very dangerous rifles expel a projectile twice or three times the speed of a handgun the incident happened saturday night around six thirty the twelve year old boy rosenbaum says pointed the are fifteen at someone in a car he's also been charged with aggravated assault possession instrument of crime the other weapon was legally owned by the boy's mother handgun had been secured two kids must have known where he was headed christie johannesen kyw newsradio turning to our top story suburban bureau chief jim melwert has what is happening inside the courtroom today around line thirty five the judge took the bench but instead of swearing in the jury and launching into openings he instead said they're working on a.

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