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And Claire McDonnell. Today we go to Conakry in Guinea. Several political opponents of the ousted president have been freed. Regional leaders are meeting to look at the situation. We hear from a Kenyan politician who describes the situation situation in lock E P a county as a state of war, the Supreme Court ruling in Mexico that decriminalizes abortion and Isaac funded with the sport. BBC News with Chris Barrow, the biggest court case in France's modern legal history begins today over the terror attacks on Paris. Nearly six years ago, 130 people were killed when Islamist gunmen roams through the French capital, targeting the Bataclan concert hall bars, restaurants and the National Football Stadium. 20 defendants are going on trial among themselves, Abdeslam believed to be the only surviving member of the group suspected of carrying out the attacks. The United States has criticised Afghanistan's new interim government, which includes figures accused of mass killings. A State Department spokesman expressed concern that it only includes Taliban members. He also said that although Taliban officials had spoken about setting up an inclusive government, no women or figures from minority communities have been named so far. Four leaders of a pro democracy group, which organizes Hongkong's annual vigil to remember those massacred in Tiananmen Square have been arrested under the national security law. They include the lawyer Chow Hang Tung, who had been due to represent in court detained opposition politician accused of subversion. Fire in an overcrowded jail in Indonesia has killed at least 40 people. The blaze started in the Tangerang jail near Jakarta early on Wednesday morning. First reports suggested an electrical fault was to blame. A magnitude seven earthquake has struck the Pacific coast of Mexico close to the resort of Acapulco. The quake was also felt strongly in parts of Mexico City. Britney Spears father has filed a petition at the Los Angeles court to end his control over her estate. Jamie Space said that his daughter was entitled to have the court seriously consider whether the conservative ship was no longer required. Arrangement was put in place in 2000 and eight after the singer suffered mental health issues. BBC news. Thank you for the latest news update. Hello? Welcome. You're listening to news day. BBC World Service, Claire and Lawrence with you today in this half hour will take you to Conakry in Guinea will take you to Wikipedia in central Kenya and Tanzania will walk you up to the.

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