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WJR Detroit Deadly plane crash suspended campaign I'm Anne Cates investigators from multiple. Agencies will be working to recover the wreckage of an empty, plain, stolen from the Seattle Tacoma airport by an airline employee who later died in. A crash authorities say the man was a twenty, nine year old ground service agent for horizon air the sheriff's department described. The man as suicidal witnesses say the plane was flying irrationally and believed it was a military exercise the chase came to a fiery end when the plane nosedived and crashed in a wooded area about twenty, five, miles south of seatac authorities believed the pilot was the only victim I'm Kim hutcherson reporting Republican congressman Chris Collins, of New, York has suspended his campaign for reelection after being indicted on. Insider, trading charges, correspondent Athena Jones reports New York's GOP party needs to figure out the next, move nowadays stepping aside it's not entirely, clear what's going to happen to that race outside of buffalo that, district is a reliably red district but it is very difficult To remove. Nominees name from. The ballot in. The state of New York this is according to the New York a board of elections so it's not entirely clear. What is going to happen with that seat but Collins was, the, first member congress to endorse President Trump Collins says he will finish his current. Term firefighters continue to battle wildfires all over California, correspondent Jim Rupe the largest fire the Mendocino complex fire which escorts now. Well over three hundred thousand acres is nearly three quarters contained it will still be another two weeks or so before full containment but progress is being made the so called Ferguson fire that has been burning, since, July twenty third near Yosemite national park is more than eighty percent contained after burning more than ninety five thousand, acres Yosemite, is expected to reopen on Tuesday the deadly car fire in. Northern, California is, now fifty five percent contained and this destroyed almost eleven hundred homes and has, charred worth and one hundred eighty six, thousand acres I'm Ann Cates Seven hundred sixty WJR news gene Fogel good afternoon investigators are trying to determine the cause of an incident at the. Great Lakes works facility on dog island, had happened last night. Fifteen employees were sent to local hospitals a steel mill spokesman says the. Answer was not an explosion but that the issue occurred out of Blast Furnace involving a dust catcher out that Blast Furnace so the fifteen workers taken to the hospital, twelve have now been released three are still receiving treatment a judge's tossed out the latest attempt by embassador bridge owner. Mattie maroon to take over the stop that is to block the. Building of the bridge over the Detroit river Robert Columbus had not a lawsuit filed Marrone who. Wanted to try, to seize land in the pathway of the bridge the Maroons aren't about. Twenty parcels of. Land needed to complete the new bridge, attorneys say they will appeal the is really the grand prix will continue on Belle isle but there will be modifications the department of natural resources and the Chevy grand prix. Have come to To an agreement that. Will ensure the race will stay on Belle isle for three more years the total number of days spent, on the island will go. From sixty nine to fifty nine and the annual fee will go up to three hundred and twenty five thousand dollars from. Two hundred thousand dollars there, will also be an option to continue. The contract for two more years the grand prix is annual, investment in the park of one hundred and twenty five thousand dollars will continue Marie Osborne WJR. News a seventeen year old has been arrested. By Detroit police in connection. With the wounding four people. On vine would in southwest Detroit the shooting left a thirty, four year old man in critical condition three others with less serious injuries no word on what led to this. Shooting the suspect was arrested on tips from witnesses who saw him running from the scene Detroit mother is facing a. Raymond in connection with the death of her own son Wayne. County prosecutor's office has charged Detroit mother in. Connection with the death of her three year old son Charley, Appelt was driving an August six at seven thirty pm in her van at seven mile in Hayes On the twenty seven year. Old. Son, was unrestrained in the rear passenger seat when she drove through a red light striking another car. The impact of the collision caused the child to be attracted onto the street pulse van rolled backwards over the child in struck a parked car it is alleged that pout was under the influence of alcohol. At the time of the crash her son was taken to a local hospital. And was pronounced dead pelt has been charged with operating volunteer advocate it reckless. Driving and second degree child abuse among other charges she will be arraigned thirty fourth district court on Sunday Elizabeth Crenshaw WJR news forty-seven Wilbur Thomas Detroit has been arraigned today in. Connection with a car crash that killed his seven year old daughter, according to thirties Thomas was allegedly, driving a stolen van and I ninety four. While under the influence of alcohol or marijuana back in July fifteenth whether the daughter. In the car a van collided with a disabled car on the shoulder of the. Rodenstock offense the girl was able to get out of the car she was hit and killed by vehicle. As she was on the roadway trying to call nine one one for help WGN news time six oh Five Time to check your. Drive here's Tracy. Rock thanks gene and good evening Detroit in Wayne County watching because situation on southbound I three seventy five after. Lafayette your left lane is affected their eastbound m fourteen s Sheldon road in. Plymouth you'll lose your left lane to. Iraq and in Oakland County westbound I ninety six Wixom. Road you're, right, shoulder Jose. Crash please use caution in all. Areas I'm Tracy rocks WJR. Traffic I thank you Tracy from the JR weather. Center partly cloudy this afternoon with a slight chance for a thunderstorm late is the high. Hits eighty six scattered thunderstorms may move through tonight with the low sixty five, tomorrow partly cloudy with an occasional afternoon storm at hide your Eighty-three from the Weather. Channel I'm meteorologist Jeff marr NewsTalk seven sixty WJR checking WJR. Sports the Tigers play the twins tonight at Comerica park the lions lost their first preseason game of the year last night in Oakland sixteen to. Ten I'm gene Fogel WJR news next news coming up at seven.

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