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Across the country, red. It's a dog eat frog world, and that's exactly what happened to those vaunted horned frogs who are no more the dogs go back to back and have at least another year and who knows how much longer of bragging rights. The day after, I appreciate you being with us. We're back in studio. And everybody's talking about the dominant dogs, 17 in the AP poll era to go back to back. Last two years, they've won 29 games. Most in a two season major span have not lost a regular season game. The only blemish, the SEC championship, 14 games allowing 7 points or fewer, and I think by now you can pretty well figure out it was the most dominant beat down in any type of championship history. And will they do it again? According to Vegas, they will, of course, Vegas at Alabama is a prohibitive favorite this year. They have a store around, they're the number two favorite Tennessee down at the 12 spot. LA shoe. How about that? Didn't take Brian Kelly long to change the expectations game. Lord estate sneaking in there. Brandon Marcello was his day after a reaction and then we'll get to yours at 8 5 5 two four two 7 two 8 5. Brandon, thanks for the time. Appreciate it very much. We are in the day after post mortem, what was yours? My post mortem is, I would have had more entertainment watching the red and black Georgia spring scrimmage. That was an absolute beatdown as we know. And I was at the coach's convention here in Charlotte, and I was hanging out with a coaching staff that had played TCU earlier this year and they couldn't quite believe what was going on. And of course, they hadn't really seen Georgia on the field up close and personal and they got to see them on the live TV last night and absolutely impressed and blown away by just how much bigger and faster and deeper Georgia is at every position and getting this gracious TCU just did not look like it belonged on that field. Yeah, Brandon, I'm curious. That's a big deal every year. The coaches convention, which always goes on during this week, just in relation to Georgia and Kirby smart. What did you and are you picking up from other coaches who compete against that program and obviously know it well? A lot of shoulder shrugs and throwing up their arms of what are you going to do? They have the top four top two class every year. Number one, every other year it seems like and they're getting the type of kids that not only are they building depth, but they've got monsters in the trenches. They don't just have big guys. They've got monsters. And when you look at guys like Brock Bowers, who has been being what we've even expected here in this new era of college football for the tight end, when they're more like a receiver. And yet, he's out there running Jeff sweeps with track like speed. There's maybe one or two programs that can get that type of player on their campus and make them a threat for a couple of years. And George is one of them. And listen, tight ends are a massive issue anyway for linebackers to cover, but how do you cover someone like Brock Bowers who's an absolute freak of nature that no one else in the country is able to get unless you're a Georgia or maybe an Alabama or maybe an Ohio State and George has got that type of player and not just that, but they have multiple players like that that are just as elite in their respective positions. There's nothing you can do about it. Coaching only goes so far scheme only goes so far. Players win games and Georgia's got the best roster in college football. Brandon we'll come back to Georgia before you go, but everyone's always looking ahead if you had to identify two or three schools that you think have the best chance of at least hanging with Georgia. On the national scene, who are they? My pick right now is Florida state. I love what they have done and backfilling that roster over the last three years and are Mike norville do the transfer portal while also not ignoring the high school recruiting scene and they've been able to do a good job with that as well. And then you look at their recruiting class right now as far as the transfer portal, they don't have a lot of guys in there, maybe 8 or 9, but they by far are number one in the country and quality of players with an average ranking of 91.4, which is by far number one in the country. You got Jared verse. They're incredible sack monster returning and so going NFL. You've got Jordan Travis, who is a legitimate Heisman Trophy threat at quarterback. And by the way, as much love as Drake may was getting in North Carolina this year and the ACC being the land of quarterbacks, Jordan Travis had the best passer rating on anybody in that conference with fantastic in the clutch, Florida state, a lot of pieces returning and they continue to complement things in the transfer portal with new kids coming in. I really like them to win the ACC and as a matter of fact, get into the playoffs next season. That's really interesting because we just have come to expect the ACC to only be Clemson and we found out that's not always the case talking to Brandon Marcello, Brenda was in the SEC. LSU is getting a lot of love. Is it justified? I think so. Brian Kelly has done a fantastic job of recruiting there. They overachieve this year based off of expectations, but I have said and coaches in this conference have long said, LSU still had talent going into this past season. They should be a program that can contend to win 9 or ten games every year, no matter who the head coach is there. And Brian Kelly met those type of expectations and did a good job of filling holes through the transfer portal and they're still doing that right now and they've got an impressive transfer portal hall coming in not talk to a couple of the LSU assistant coaches this weekend and they're really, really excited about what they're going to be able to do defensively next season. And if that's the case, that's going to be maybe be what takes them over the top and maybe be able to contend against Alabama to win the SEC west. And speaking of Alabama, who is their quarterback going to be? It's a great question. I don't think it's going to be Jalen Miller. I think it will be ty Simpson, even though he's only thrown bypasses so far in his career, Miller obviously is dynamic and the way being able to run the ball, but listen, you got to value protecting the football and I keep flashing back to that a and M game. Yes, they won, but he had three turnovers, his passing numbers weren't incredible, obviously. And that wasn't to be expected. And yes, he picked up some good yardage against a and M and for that matter, Arkansas on the ground. But the play in that offense, you've got to be a prolific pastor. They're not going to change things, all that dramatically there. And so I think ty Simpson will end up being that quarterback for them going into next season. Brandon Brandon Marcello was a show. You mentioned a and M and I was trying to get into a conversation without mentioning Jimbo Fisher, but it's hard not to. It feels like a bounce back here for them. Now that bob petrino was the offensive coordinator. They have a quarterback who has shown some promise. So where do you see them? Much like LSU, they've got the talent to where they should win ten games a year under Jimbo Fisher. And I think they've got themselves a quick fix over these next two seasons with the staff. He has been able to put together speaking specifically, of course, with Bobby petrino calling the plays there. You're not bringing body petrino in there to recruit because he's not a great recruiter. He's not going to get fantastic players.

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