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It was took place the bay didn't really have anyone anyone there to down i mean it's so disappointing winning goal vision of what you wanna create life then things don't go to fight and combat me i mean how much a career when i was a michelle mentioned before i am i wanted to become an and trumpian because it's a hot in the vision divine mind it wasn't anything anyone told us art just made up my puff myself i do not i do not many coaches to say this is what we're doing this is the path we can go on i just found myself and learning from but i didn't have anyone to help is learn from my failures kept repeating the same things and deal with them very well and from cried quite a bit up fights set with this vision of his winning all the time a box in four and a couple of national sorry lost a few the remote serious ones i just beat me softball you know i didn't i didn't watch me is fine swap nabi watch them so upset with it giving south the opportune thing right this is what i need on you could practice on just kept going back to the gym and train and horn up and so i wasn't really wasn't helping yourself i wasn't help anybody really helped us out greatly with with outside rip riyadh was looking good coaches for the mentoring is held misnomer for my mistake site to slip back into sort of all behaviors of what's right drinking and crime i mean did how did what happened there well when i went out to professional i wanted to do what wanted to do the best i coach all the grief thing i did not i didn't realize it now and i lifted short newcastle i moved to monchy start when i tip professional so in the end england side professional boxing steiner benetton's going places if you mancha stop all year and if you go to london visit better train us spectacle fight us that's real outweigh champions and the northeast coaches is not as good chance to and this this is bateman jehad my mind anyway this and i would call a few gyms sorry i'll get back to the question i asked how it.

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