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I don't know how you look like that literally the hottest guy i've ever ah james dean just just look -gistically working out three times a day yeah who has time for that no can you do and i'll tell you that guy well. Bacchus husband has the v the v the p._n._b. That's genetics genetics because i'll tell you something i would rather someone that's working hundred there j. o. b. yeah then someone who's going for a morning and afternoon and then spending all of our money coach l. shakes videos. He takes like weird pictures anyway anyway. Okay usually looking so next topic the hills you have the podcast do that with stuff brought with this is this is going to be. You might have to leave right now. We're unsure. Are we in this sensor on followed me or no clock to me. I love how petty he no he so he's just trying to get you on the show next year of him. No is it real. Do they really hate each other. Yes i only know like <hes> stephanie stephanie side steph shubra her <hes> yeah but steph i would say that steph needs to stop with justin bobby back. They can hold on a lot of things well. We've come to her. New face is amazing looks incredible and we're so jerry and her style and the show is a plus. I just want to say some nice things to okay yeah. Let me address all the things you said the british the british donna hilarious all your friends so oh who went and lived in london came back with baggers accent. I don't really hold that against her isn't funny yeah and i remember when we first the podcast. That was like listen. We say this in the beginning is weird to have <hes> british accent from like the palisades house. It's like so every time you say something. I think sound super british. We're going to we're going to do like the big ben dong see that's good because you can like you have to make fun of yourself before somebody else does. That's so embarrassing yeah and then to your other point. I think that i think that steph i think a lot of the show see that show as a job and like they know it's altered reality and i think for steph. It's very much real for her and it's hard for her to separate the two because for spencer he's like this is a cash cow. He came on our podcast and he was basically like when people try to talk to me and they're not on camera. I don't pick up the phone like don't talk to me. In less we're filming and making money and that's how he looks at. It and i enjoy that hustle. I like a hustler but stephanie. You're telling me she's taking this to heart and i would say that sticks in between the two i think could meet in the middle yeah but she's better for the show because she makes it seem much more real all right he does real and if you know that it's like i don't care is one thing then there's a little less authenticity and so when you're watching you're like well. She's being real and he's like i just want to sell crystal or whatever it is. His crystals are great though they've saved me a lot of time through sickness. I'm sure mm-hmm. I have a question. I feel the worst for the mom. Have you met steps mom. I have not okay. That's what i feel bad for because i can imagine that it's it's hard when your kids don't get along publicly. Are we talked about this a good bit on the show and i think that the problem with that family is that there's there's been so much positive of affirmation for bad behavior..

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