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So what end biotics are really originally is there the chemical weapons that bacteria developed to compete against each other for living space for food to protect their descendants long before we ever came on the scene and the first athletics the first generation which includes the tetracycline penicillin streptomycin those are all the original natural compounds made by soil bacteria we took them into the lab and we we elaborated them into synthetic compounds will the way the bacteria defended themselves against each other back before we arrived was to develop resistance to these chemical weapons that they were aiming at each other what resistance means is just the bacteria find away a physical means of protecting themselves against the the antibiotic compound the if if the antibiotic compound dismantles the cell wall bacterial valves in new wave knitting the cell wall together if the antibiotic compound dimes inside the cell to disrupt the dna in the bacteria develop little pumps that tossed the antibiotic compound and again and so it really was kind of any of us to assume that the the thing that had been happening when bacteria used these compounds against each other would not also have happened when we started to take their compounds and use them against bacteria and in fact alexander fleming but you know the father of antibiotics essentially the person who i identified the action of penicillin by leaving the widow of his lab opened in london in nineteen twenty eight discovering that something had blown in was killing his place of bacteria he got the nobel prize in nineteen twenty five and he warned in his nobel prize acceptance speech that if we did not very carefully conserve antibiotics we would lose the neural drugs through cysts.

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