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Gosh I've got a lot to do all my twenty eight into a parent when a day twenty eight four weeks from today how's about that member when you're a kid in your like wasn't resisting arrest out this is so fun yeah this is so great now then you're like oh my gosh everyone's asking you for something all the time also something you don't feel as a child when you hear a Christmas song you're naturally like sweet let's do this this is great and then sometimes I usually like for Christmas music on a little early but I have been in a busy phase of life where if I put a Christmas song on I don't feel the whimsy that I want to immediately and then I feel bad for not feeling good because why do you start to feel stressed well because I just no no it's not like that but it's almost like there's just so much going on that I mean I haven't been ready and I'm early guy with Christmas but I haven't felt ready to like transfer into that thanksgiving this thanksgiving break is going to help yes then I'm just gonna settle in the holidays are here and just sort of lean into the excitement of what's to come in the next month I think I'm gonna start taking the whole week of thanksgiving off really Monday Tuesday Wednesday I'm gonna do it wow what are you gonna do about it nothing nothing I'll show up I know because I just kind of feel like that that would make my thanksgiving experience more pleasant are you hosting yeah I'm hosting Thursday and Friday now are you gonna be sad because it on Sunday during the moment no I enjoy it I love hosting okay I love having people over I felt a little bit when I hosted all those people for many thanksgiving on Sunday stressed before because it was the first like really big gathering I've even had in this house and in the kitchen and I was kind of like what's the dynamic going to be like how is this going to go but when I host are my feet more hosting my family on Thursday and Jay's family on Friday and they are such a buying talk all of my family and my in laws are such wonderfully laid back great people yeah there's absolutely no stress that comes along with that there's just no expectations do you want to talk about texting etiquette after the break sure surrounding many thanksgiving yeah what happened in the office on Monday Ryan we never got to hear about I can't wait to hear Ryan's Riyadh Ryan's reaction eighteen Lizzy or team Stevie I don't know we will what will set the table after the break and then we'll open the phone lines after we do that so if you want to call in and you have any opinions on about a fairly a chronic problem that I have when I communicating digitally books when all that after the break on the dynasty show on my talk presented by park dental to benefit Ronald McDonald house charities upper Midwest thanks for coming out can happen dinner theater on Tuesday we've got six more life center stop broadcast coming up and Saturday the thirtieth to shop girls will be at Galleria from eleven to one on Tuesday the third will be doing our show from why said a cosmetic surgery and spa then two more down and Steve broadcasts Friday the six that sodomites in Burnsville then Monday the night that popped corn in Minnetonka Tuesday the tenth Jason and Alexis.

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