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Listening in that was was last year's defense. Great i mean that's that all depends on you and your own opinion may no. It wasn't it. Wasn't i'm sorry he surrender forty points in. I know not all of them. Were the the defense fault but when you when you have that dad. He just got the bad vibes going in the playoffs. It's just not a good look. I look at this and say the steelers. Defense with melvin ingram. Now they took a step in the right direction in that is going from good to great. Where are the weaknesses. where the weaknesses. Now on the steelers defense. That's the question we have to ask one another. Where are the weaknesses. Is it in the front seven. I don't think so. Excuse me especially not now especially not now when you think about how the one weakness in the front seven that we all talked about before the season started before the out during the offseason i should say was how they had horrible death at outside. Linebacker will not anymore. If quincy rochet can turn out to be even just a situational pass rusher. What else do you need. Cassius marsh will be a special teams guy. He's a demon out there. We know that he likes to throw his body round special teams. My goodness that'd be. That would be absolutely fine. So i think melvin ingram's impact on the steelers defense is going to be great if he can say healthy. That is a giant a giant. If all right. I'm my goodness my fault. Okay if you're listening live on spotify green room and you wanna talk to the speaker request. I would be glad to talk to you. I know logan who is a regular honor show. He said he can't talk tonight. But will we see an immediate impact for melvin. Ingram will take a few weeks for him to find a role in the defense. Well i think personally. Logan that melvin ingram signing now when he did is really really important. He's played in a defense in san diego slash. La that's very similar to pittsburgh. Their defensive is primarily three four. He's played that hybrid role where he can flex inside. He can obviously rush the passer from the outside. He's gonna know the defense for sure. He's under the defense throw in the fact that he now is going to be entering the coming into the steelers locker room before training camp he starts. He's in head start. The steelers reportedly were interested in just in. Houston i have a feeling just in houston. Maybe wanted some more money just houston also have said. I want to be a starter. I don't want to be a backup. I want to be a number three and that's fine. Justin houston might have to wait until the end of the train. End of training camp. Preseason or even tell someone gets injured before he can actually get a role so think about that. Think about if the steelers were in that situation. Think about it if the steelers were having to wait in hopefully get someone on the cheap now all of a sudden you're looking at well houses person gonna kind of houses player going to mold or gel with everyone else. Are they gonna learn the defense in time. Are they going to be able to do all those things that you know. Kind of a habitual. The non verbal communication between players. I think melvin ingram is smarter. Not he's veterans. Be thirty two years old this year. He's been around the block and then some he will be just fine when it comes to understanding the defense getting acclimated in. I can't trust enough in my opinion. And it's just my opinion how important it was or is that the steelers sign. Melvin ingram when they did get him into pittsburgh get him into the game into camp and let's make sure that he is fully on board and ready to go when we won rolls around holden. Who's in the spotify green ramp discussion boards. As i know you talk about the defense at the end of the season but do you think. The defense is great with bush but healthy at the beginning of the year. Maybe it's not a big enough sample size. I think it could be very similar if we ended up signing nelson back. Okay so hold on i. That is a great point is a great point that with devin bush healthy and budget pre healthy. It's different defense. Absolutely is different defense. I'm gonna plug. A an article is going to be published on behind so per dot com tomorrow wednesday at nine thirty in the morning in. That's from kevin smith our own cliff harris is still punk in. It's all about devin bush. How his impact for the steelers defense. You throw in devon bush. You throw in vince williams roberts spleen with a year under his belt you throw. Melvin ingram my goodness. I think this defense is going to be tremendous. I don't think steven nelson is going to sign back with the steelers. I know there's rumors are swirling. I know that everyone's excited about that. I just don't see it happening. And despite the fact that that'd be great to see steven nelson come back. I think they'll be okay. I really do. This always comes down to me is. What kind of defense are you going to be. Are you a defense. It's going to have good coverage in the secondary that is going to get a hold up and let the pass rush. Get to the quarterback or you're gonna be a defense against the quarterback enforces dad passes. I think they're going to be the ladder. They're gonna be a defense defrantz suffocating. Their collapse pocket they're going to wreak havoc on the interior in an old k with that. Absolutely okay everyone. We're at the midway point of the bod gas. If you're listening to live on spotify green room go anywhere..

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