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This is not about protecting our borders. Well, here we go. I think governor Huckabee is right state of the union, Donald Trump seconds. Finally ready to be delivered. What will the themes be who will be the guest in who will sit this one out? What do you want to hear a lot of questions? Get on board. One eight six six four zero eight seven six nine I want to see the president put the pressure in a presidential way on Democrats. I want them to take off with quotes everything that needs to be done at the border with facts and figures, and when you see when you see officials in the audience from border patrol, and those are some of the guests have they have them on camera. And they'll talk about what the need is how it's dropped night. Traffic drop ninety percent in El Paso and San Diego when they put up a steel barrier. You know, one of those barriers basically be Vietnam era launch. Pads that they have to use only say reclamation projects you would expect from some third world country. But it's so hard the president wants to beat the resistance talked him out of reducing everything he does. But it's going to be an uphill battle delusional battle because think about what the president's accomplished North Korea is not sending rockets we got round to of talks. I'm not sure it's going to yield. But the world's a less dangerous place while we're in this phase in Venezuela. This communist enclave that brought in people from Russia. Cuba, China and Iran is coming apart at a democratic leader endorsed by us. Now endorsed by the EU and neighboring cities excuse me, neighboring states is now changing things are academy. Blue collar job pay raise is going up faster than white collar jobs added three hundred four thousand jobs last week, the market continues upswing after a monster January. These are I'm taking highlights. I'll give you that. But these are all facts Chuck Schumer seems to have missed it tomorrow. President will say predictably that the state of our union is strong state of the Trump economy is failing America's middle class. And the state of the Trump administration is embroiled in chaos and incompetence the state of our union is in need of drastic repair. Right. As he stared into his copy if he's never seen it before. Because someone's jotting down for him Senator Chuck Schumer. That's the attitude Maxine Waters. He's always in a good mood and so positive about the president the state of the union to him has not.

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