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Listen this guy's got three point one okay and your your best year ever uh best years recent years um and that would be probably two hundred thousand close to two hundred thousand maybe 175 more average average over the life of my uh fishing guy career here in the keys was more like fifty to seventy five thousand dollars combined with my spouse as a flight attendant rocca cool and so you beneficient guide and she's been a flight attendant die your forty degrees uh we do uh yes yes you're okay what's your degree uh geology has nothing to do with being a fishing guys i love it and what was your gpa is a geologist all of the solid twopoint time not not argue about it all right and how much of the three point one million in debt is our in in net worth is there because you used debt to become wealthy whale unfortunately dave i spent at first uh thirty years after i first heard your radio shipu uh oon the dion light program um yeah which by the way doesn't work it could well you know what sort of work but not really as well they call it allows who thousand that's right so i did use uh mortgage that you know to to obtain some of that real estate the dodge that works to play at all serega okay kuwait we rented it out you know made renttoincome within painted off over over at the time jobs they did you and your wife you all to really dipping yeah absolutely uh we we can now and we do a monthly through my brokers charitable foundation with every or sale.

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