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Whitens Ville closed on Mondays and will be closed on Tuesday. There could be extreme heat on Facebook, the owner says they're building has limited air conditioning that isn't effective. Once the take out windows are open. He goes on to say they're cooks in the small kitchen are over the fryers and grills for 10 straight hours, and it's just not safe for the crew to open during this oppressive Eat. Dozens of people commented on the post, applauding the decision to close saying things like so great to see a business owner put their people first. Such a caring owner and hats off to you. Some things are more important than the almighty dollar. Kim Tunnicliffe WBZ Boston's news radio vigils planned for Thursday and win throat for their two people killed over the weekend. As investigators continue to look into Saturday's shootings, retired state Trooper Dave Green, an Air Force veteran, Ramona Cooper, We're both black were killed. The district attorney, Rachel Rollins, office investigating the case as a hate crime after finding what she called disturbing Notes and Nathan Allens notebook. The DEA says there were anti Semitic and racist writings. With Allen's handwriting with some written just last week, federal prosecutors could be close to a plea deal with former Minneapolis police officer Derek Shove in the deal would specifically be for the civil rights charges against him. Prior to sentencing for his murder conviction, Shoven had said to the Floyd family There's going to be some other information in the future that will be of interest, and I hope these will give you some peace of mind. W C. C O in Minneapolis reports that Children may have been referring to the plea deal in that statement, Sources suggest Children would have to publicly explain what he did to Floyd and why, as part of that plea deal, with more passengers getting violent or arguing with flight attendants on board, the FAA is now turning to social media to convince people to avoid getting fined as travel demand picks up heading toward the fourth of July. The FAA says it is now fielded over 3200 reports of unruly airline passengers this year over 2400 of those have involved passengers refusing to wear masks on board. Find your being handed out. The FAA is resorting to memes. Now one appearing on social media reads, You could have spent $35,000 on a new trunk. But instead you're paying a fine because you punched a flight attendant that like stone, ABC News experts are forecasting 2021 Shark season as sightings of great White sharks pick back up off the shores of the Cape of BBC's Tim done with more at the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy and Shadow experts presented findings of years of research into the animals that give insight into hunting. Another Saviors. Dr. Greg Skomal with the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries, says that great white spend nearly half their time in waters 15 ft, deeper less and if you see one that close to shore.

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