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That is CBS sports dot com slash win or find it on the CBS sports app to play the CBS sports college football pick them. No purchase necessary, see rules for details. Agreed. All right, let's keep it going, GP. What else you got? What should the list know? So those are the three Gonzaga Dayton San Diego state in the top 25. There are actually 14 of these types of schools in the top 80 at Ken pom. I'll run you through that real quick and then you can take it wherever you want to. At Ken Palmer, it's number one is Gonzaga. Number 19 is San Diego state. You mentioned the biggest challenger to date in the a ten. That is St. Louis comes in at number 39 at Ken pom. BYU is 44th saint Mary's 47th. Those are the two other top 50 teams from the West Coast conference. Outside of the top 50, but inside the top 80, number 52 UAB. This is your three for Andy Kennedy. He's been killing it in Birmingham. It got another team that, you know, should be considered the favorite in conference USA, jelly walker is back. Loyola Chicago is at 59. Tulane is at 63 Wyoming is at 64 north Texas at 67 grant mccaslin. Utah state 68 Furman 69 and Drake is at 79, thanks to the father son combo, the de vries, Tucker, of course, after nearly 14 points per game as a freshman last season. Those are the teams from outside of the traditional power structure that at least in one computer project as possible in CAA tournament teams. And so based on that list, you go wherever you want to go. All right. Yeah, I'll just take the floor here, hop in as need be. I will, I'm going to focus on the teams that I think have at let's go first on the team 6 teams that I think have viable at large hopes. So I was kind of splitting the difference here. Like, I don't have VCU in this group, but we could look up in VC will be in this group, but to me, St. Louis, who I have 30th, Wyoming, I have 36 UAB I have 39 saint Mary's, I have 49 BYU I 53 and Drake I 59. Those are the 6 non power conference mid majors who are a level below Gonzaga, San Diego state and entering the season. But I think that those 6 teams could be putting themselves into a position where they are on the bubble near the bubble. Maybe even off the bubble and in good standing by the time we get to the first week of March their St. Louis is the viable contender to Dayton in the a ten. Travis Ford gets back javonte Perkins, who was the preseason a ten player a year ago, then he suffered a preseason injury. He was out. He is back. He gets alongside him a returning point guard. We should talk about it in terms of like top 5 point guard in America because he let the nation at 8 assists a game last season. Yuri Collins. So the billikens who are obviously Friends of the pod shouts to the bills, they will, they will potentially have one of their better teams of the past 20, 25 years here. And I think that they've got a good shot. Some people actually think that St. Louis could wind up being better than dating. And I'm here to hear your argument. I think that's certainly possible. The close enough in a number of pre season outlooks on that. So they're an intriguing one. You before I kind of keep rolling here just to get a quick thought on Travis forged group. Yeah, javonte Perkins coming back for St. Louis. A little bit like a poor man's market SaaS are coming back for Houston. Incredible college basketball players who suffered seasoning injuries last season. Perkins preseason, saser in season. But should be on paper the best players on two teams that have a chance to have really, really nice seasons. Yuri Collins, you mentioned him. Average 7.9 assists per game. And they also edge Yvonne Pickett transfer from Missouri. Transport's got a really nice roster. I obviously like most have it date in one St. Louis two in that league, but if we look up in February in that order slip, nothing crazy. St. Louis has got a really nice a ten roster. I'll get to a few of the names in the a ten in just a minute here. But let's keep going with viable at large candidates going in. Wyoming 36, Jeff linder is a really good coach. He was one I identify. I did a best of the rest preview that published about a week and a half ago at CBS sports dot com. If you're listening to this, we'll drop that into the description of the pod, so however you're listening. If you want to read this along as you. Linda was one of the 5 coaches identified. There's more than 5, but kind of keep the list as short as short as it needs to be. And he was one that I thought was really on the rise here. He coached his style is different. I talked to him last year about this. He almost takes an approach whereas a lot of college basketball coaches are looking like four out one in certainly utilizing the three point line, a lot of pick and roll. If not pace and space, he equated his approach to being like, I'm the guy that wants to put two running backs in the backfield and hand off on for a second and third down with his two best players, hunter Maldonado, who is a 6, 7 point guard who is probably going to be the most likely triple double guy in the sport this season. I think he could be on the board maybe for three or four triple doubles, which is a rarity and college basketball shouts to Kyle collinsworth. And so between him and Graham Ike, who is just, you know, a live in the paint, great power forward. Ike actually won pre season player of the year in the mountain west, according to the coaches poll. I think Maldonado is objectively the better player. He certainly more well rounded player. Wyoming did make the tournament last year and lenders got that program certainly interesting. It's obviously another team that you are quite familiar with because CBS Sports Network airs a number of mountain west games in Wyoming is prominently featured there. So I think Wyoming is the, to me, Wyoming is the clear cut number two in the mountain west and again, I'll get to a couple other mountain west teams and explain why, but keep an eye on them and then real quick. UAB has a top 5 entertaining player in the sport, jelly walker comes back. He shoots without a conscience. We love him for it. Andy Kennedy has a legitimate team that should be the best in a good conference USA. North Texas, western Kentucky, they're

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