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Two zero. The move sent right to your house, and you can also JV points out all the time because I think he does this. These kinds of things is you can set it up for renewal, so just keep coming and coming and coming. You don't even have to think about it. You're not going to wake up one morning. Without any coffee, cold group of those who do two zero, the move Amazon. All right. So I lie per sheet. Your honesty that you were more engaged with the open this morning. It really frustrates George. I mean, we. Because we have to go back and forth. And so when they cut to commercial on NBC, then I send it to the open and watch Goff and he's just he was getting so frustrated now you wouldn't be doing that. If it was more of a sick, I shouldn't say significant. A pivotal stage was Wednesday's stage. The owner. Dynamic stage, of course, would never switch right now. We take our jobs seriously here at the move, but it was just it was one of the stages you call it. It was going to be a breakaway type event, and George can break down what had happened in particular when that seven-man break becomes a three man break while. I mean, I think I think it was a touch upon just looking. If you look at the profile today, you think until the end, it's kind of an insignificant profile. The riders are nothing in that. I mean, you're starting from the start up at one to two kilometer, seventy percent grade straight down up at three, three kilometer, six percent grade down in backup. Again. I mean, that is about as hard as it can possibly get to start like that of the tour de France, as as you saw the break was twenty nine guys, but there's a lot more than that trying to make the breakway. The directors are yelling in everybody's ear that has not wanna stays you better be in that breakaway, and there's a lot of pressure at this point. If you have a question. These teams that are desperate. So desperate desperate to get in the breakway in the guys are having control. So it's really, really that I fifty kilometers today must have been brutally hard. I we read or we saw the TJ was trying to be very aggressive trying to get into breakway, which I hope bodes well for the Pyrenees days. Maybe he'll make a break and hopefully win a stage. But what I was saying before about the end, you know these guys twenty nine guys in the break it whittled down to about, I'd say what ten is eight to ten guys in the last twenty k. after the category one climb. So just think about all the work they put in the last seven k. becomes a chess match. You had about six gay, six k, three guys peeled off, and there's four guys staring at each other's guys. Bit of a lottery, I mean, oh, total out. It's not a lottery to be there. But at that point at that time, if you just have to kind of get lucky that you you're in the move that sticks, and they had three guys that will get went away had they each had a teammate in that group of four or five behind. So obviously those teammates are not going to do anything. So think there's only two guys in that group that didn't have teammates, and they're not going to put on the line, the chase them down because they know they're going to get attacked. So they're a lottery and you know those guys won the won the lottery. Obviously, they, they worked hard to be in that breakway. But those last twenty kilometers is is the just came in and just become a super stressful. And you know, they got lucky to get away from that group. So it fits small break like that. Seven eight guys in their organized working together. I mean, what are the teammates saying to each other? They're like, you'd probably communicating on how they feel when to go. When you're gonna go, I'll stay. You go, are you fresh or what did they say to each other? And the directors are in their in their ears. Well, and their directors are obviously saying there was a. Meridia guy in there. There was a truck second veteran Astana and they both had teammates though hours. Then you can't let one or the other go without us. So they were marketing and they just they went away perfectly..

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